Shirley Temple Dies, Origin of Cocktail Named After Her Revisited


Shirley Temple, Hollywood’s first child star died late Monday night at the age of 85 and fans started revisiting not only the movies which turned a 3-year-old into an actress, but also the mysterious origin of the famous cocktail named after her. The statement following her death mentioned that she passed away “peacefully” surrounded by her family and caretakers, but it also congratulated her for the outstanding accomplishments not only as an actor and diplomat, but also as a spouse, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Shirley Temple may have died, but her life is now celebrated and all of the merchandise related to her is revisited, including the mysterious origin of the cocktail named after the star child who received her first miniature Academy Award at the age of six. When the actress dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” accepted the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 2005, the piece of advice she offered to those who want to follow in her footsteps was to “start early.”

Shirley Temple received her first role at the age of three in a series of short movies called “Baby Burlesk,” and from them on, she didn’t stop acting until she was already a young adult. However, she understood that she was famous only when she was eight years old and her mother explained to her that her films made people happy. Although her success came to a standstill when she was 12-years-old, Temple’s mother and studio officials considered that shaving a year off her age could maintain her child image.

Life After Hollywood

She retired from filmmaking at 22 and married Charles Black, her second husband, whose work in the Navy inspired her to become the United States’ Ambassador in Ghana and Czechoslovakia. Of her role as a U.S. ambassador to Ghana, she stated that she had “no trouble being taken seriously as a woman and a diplomat.” On the contrary, Temple always mentioned that “having been a film star can be very helpful on an international basis.”

The only problem the young actress encountered during the years spent as an ambassador was that Americans didn’t want to believe that she was not the little girl from movies anymore. Other than that, Temple carried on with her life until the age of 85. Now, fans of Hollywood’s first child star revisit all her movies, but also the mysterious origin of the most famous non-alcoholic cocktail in the world named after her, which still remains unknown even after decades.

The World-famous Personalized Drink

The origin of the cocktail named after Shirley Temple remains a mystery and plenty of people claimed to have started the trend, but the most famous scenario in which the drink was created took place on the child star’s 10th birthday. Rumors say that a bartender at Chansen’s, a Beverly Hills restaurant created the non-alcoholic cocktail to make the actress feel better in the company of her older guests who were drinking cocktails.

The Shirley Temple cocktail which consisted of ginger ale, grenadine and maraschino cherries became a source of conflict when the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki also stated that the signature drink belonged to them and that since the actress was a frequent guest there, it made sense to name a cocktail after her. The third location that claimed to have invented the cocktail was Hollywood’s Brown Derby, but later Temple stated she didn’t even like the drink and militated against the concept of cocktails for children.

“America’s Sweetheart” died late Monday night, but her memory will be forever kept alive not only through her timeless movies, but also through the merchandise people revisit, including the origin of the cocktail named after Shirley Temple which still remains a mystery.

By Gabriela Motroc

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