Sony Wows With Newest Gadgets


Sony wows with its two newest gadgets, the Xperia M2 phone and its counterpart, the Xperia Z2 tablet. Virtually indestructible, Xperia products are created to endure far more everyday wear and tear than the average phone. In fact, it is waterproof and dust proof. This is good news for owners, as they can rest assured that the device will not self-destruct if it is submerged in water, nor will it fall to shambles if it comes into contact with debris.

Not only can the Xperia M2 be submerged in water, but Sony actually encourages it! The phone can be used to take underwater photos, but it is not limited to this type of use. It can do anything a regular compact camera can. The phone comes with a 20.7 MP camera, far exceeding the capabilities of an average hand-held device.

Touted as the progeny of  Sony’s other compact cameras and the Sony Bravia TV, these small devices contain all the capabilities of larger devices. The picture is crisp and clear, making it difficult to imagine that this type of technology can be housed inside the confines of a cell phone or tablet. This is largely attributed to the Exmor RS, the digital image sensor. This allows the device to use a sensor to hone in on the desired image, producing the clearest resolution for smartphones or tablets to date leaving people wowed with the latest technology everyone must haves.

The gadgets have an array of apps that can further enhance the user experience. One of the apps available enables the user to stream a live broadcast over Facebook in real-time. Not only this, but with the NFC One Touch technology, there is virtually no more need for wires to transfer information. Photo and file sharing has become even easier. This technology enables users to touch the phone or tablet to another device, for file sharing that is seamless and instant.

Incredibly, the devices can mirror onto a larger device, such as a TV, essentially bringing a whole new type of experience to movie night. When it seems the possibilities have reached their limit, Sony wows with an added feature-accessibility to an app called “throw”, which allows downloaded music to be projected from speakers without the help of cords or wires. The devices also have a smart sensing technology that allows them to sense and correct images received. This means that even if the image was not delivered in a full array of color, the devices will automatically sense what is lacking and replace it, thereby providing an absolutely perfect picture and resolution each time.

This is all thanks to a technology unique to Sony called “Triluminos Display”. In addition, the products features a specific design in which air entry is minimized in order that the picture appears sharper with less interference. Once again, Sony has developed technology that seems to have no rival at present. In true Sony style, they have really stepped up the wow factor. These products are awe inspired new gadgets that people will not be living without.

By: J.A. Johnson

The Hindu

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