Spanish Former Male Model Now Hottest Gynecologist?

GynecologistOnce known as the “Spanish King of Beauty 2010” and one of the world’s hottest former male models, Manuel Rico is now undergoing an internship in Chile to become a gynecologist.  Apparently once the news got around town, the ladies were quite literally lining up at his surgery door for an appointment with him.

Born in Spain, 24-year-old Rico has studied for his medical degree at Córdoba University.  In late September, 2013, Rico left Spain for Chile’s shores and traveled to Concepción to complete an internship in gynecology at the University and Regional Hospital (UdeC ) in that city.

Manuel Rico – former male model, now a doctor

What really gets the ladies going, however, is not just his impressively good looks. Even the  name Rico, in the Spanish language, means “rich” or “delicious.”

However, despite all that, all the good doctor wants these days is to be taken seriously and carry on with this chosen career.

When Rico first arrived at the hospital in Concepción, a press conference was reportedly held, followed by the news and photos which immediately hit the local media. This was immediately followed by a viral photographic outbreak on Spanish language social media.

By treating him as a bit of a celebrity, the news really made the rounds pretty swiftly with the ladies, thus resulting in the lines of endless potential patients at his surgery door.

The online side of things is also having its day, of course, with Buzzfeed, for instance, referring to Rico as the “REAL Dr McDreamy” (offering just a little nudge to the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy, of course). In other words the hospital in Concepción has the hottest gynecologist in the form of a former Spanish male model.

Manuel Rico, former male model

While it can be great for a guy to be a handsome celebrity and have the ladies lining up for his attentions, Rico is reportedly rather fed up with the whole “pretty boy” scenario and just wants to be taken more seriously.  He really intends to focus on his medical career and get ahead in his chosen field.

In fact, when interviewed by the Spanish ABC newspaper, he told them that he would much prefer to be anonymous, stating that while his modeling career was a great experience, he really doesn’t want to have any more to do with it.  He says he is now on a completely different stage in life and his “Spanish King of Beauty” award is now four years old and in the past.

The whole thing does beg the question though.  Would all women prefer to have a gynecologist who is so darn attractive?

Among Spanish language comments in the media can be read such gems as “dios con uno asi me enfermo todos los dias” or in English “God, with one like this I will get sick every day.”

Come on ladies, be honest in the comment field below and share some thoughts. Is this former Spanish male model the hottest gynecologist ever and should consideration be given to lining up an appointment with him?

By Anne Sewell


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  1. Mike Booth   August 3, 2017 at 7:17 am

    Are you sure this is a solid guarantee, Ian?

  2. Ian Webber   February 10, 2014 at 1:01 am

    … and people wonder why most husbands have issues with male gynecologists – who could look at their other half the same way knowing some creepy man has been fingering them?! Luckily my wife respects our relationship enough only to have the exam done by another women….

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