‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Edition a Risk to the Heart?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a Risk to the Heart?

Could the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition be a risk to the heart? It certainly has been met with anticipation and faster heartbeats, especially during the blahs of winter. As serious readers of sports coverage and statistics look forward to the annual issue featuring beautiful models in swimsuits, their hearts may be prone to risk. Extreme excitement has been know to cause shock and an increased heart beat that could actually lead to a real heart attack.

All joking aside, the risk is real when you consider the armchair sports fanatic who munches on snacks and guzzles beer all winter long. Their health is already in jeopardy before the awaited Sports Illustrated issue arrives in the mail and on newsstands. Fat and calcium deposits could be forming plaque build-up in arteries, promoting blood clots to travel to the heart, causing an attack. Add the amazement and shortness of breath when viewing the gorgeous models, heart risks could easily occur. Many men have earned sports plaque without even trying.

Sports Illustrated is celebrating 50 years of the swimsuit edition. Former models and celebrities gathered in New York City recently for an anniversary party and kick-off of the new edition. Christie Brinkley, now 60, was a featured guest along with Carol Alt and other past bikini beauties. As part of the entertainment, heart throb Enrique Iglesias belted out his new song, ironically entitled, Heart Attack.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a Risk to the Heart?In 1964, Sports Illustrated editor Andre Laguerre came up with the marketing plan to sell more magazines with a winter break of sorts. The idea was a success as model Babette March posed in a white two piece swimsuit on the first cover. The magazine included five pages of swimsuit models and became a yearly expectation for dedicated subscribers. With little to do with the sport of swimming, it still became a much sought after installment from Sports Illustrated.

Over the years, the pages expanded and the swimsuits shrunk, as a special swimsuit edition was started in 1997. It is an extra copy of the weekly magazine and subscribers can opt out if desired, or if not allowed by their wives and girlfriends. Not many choose to opt out, for some reason.

The swimsuit edition has become a worldwide sensation featuring scantily clad super models posing in exotic locations and positions. Sales of Sports Illustrated have increased with revenues from this one issue accounting for a huge portion of the yearly profits.

Models are paid quite nicely for their efforts, often baring next to nothing in the cold waters of the seven seas. Earning up to six figures, the beauties show off their toned bodies, while revealing not much left to the imagination. Cheryl Tiegs, Tyra Banks, Kathy Ireland and Heidi Klum have graced the covers over the years and younger models are elated to have the opportunity to be in the famous magazine.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a Risk to the Heart?The 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition was a slight risk to the hearts of the three models chosen for this year’s cover. Lily Aldridge, Chrissy Teigen and Nina Agdal almost had heart attacks when informed of their debut on the cover. It becomes an honor for aspiring models to be chosen. The gals can be seen up close and personal wearing threads of brightly colored fabric across their derrieres, facing topless towards the blue waters and glancing backward.

Kate Upton won the back cover selection this year, which is also a prime spot in the magazine. Even Barbie, the shapely plastic doll was featured in the magazine. Advertisers do nicely especially with the promotion of jewels and bikinis featured in the issue.

Sports Illustrated has done well with marketing and sales of the special edition, even as the glossy magazine is hidden from young boys and frustrated wives. Risking a heart attack to view the detailed pages of beauties wearing next to nothing could be well worth the rare chance of it actually happening. Things will calm down soon as the Sports Illustrated writers get back to work and give their subscribers something to read, as the swimsuit edition is stashed away for safe keeping.

Commentary By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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