Stephen Colbert the Wonderful Nut [Video]

Stephen Colbert the Wonderful Nut

Stephen Colbert, the wonderful nut we know from the The Colbert Report, went beyond his regular political satire to star in a Super Bowl ad. The outspoken comedian is not shy when it comes to opening his brain on hot topics. He can make a subtle point with a grin or a wink, imploring more followers to his way of thinking. It is no doubt the big wigs at Wonderful Pistachio chose him as their Super Bowl spokesperson for their commercial this year. While the Denver Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks in a final 43-8 score, the nutty Colbert secured his place in CLIO history.

Colbert outdid Psy, the Gangnam star of last year’s Wonderful Pistachio commercial, with his quick wit and bizarre attitude to promote the healthy nut. With two commercials running almost back to back, with a cool splice in from David Beckham, Colbert proved his own and displayed his full wackiness. The game was lacking at the time, so Colbert’s spice in the mix was most welcome. As an eagle looked on and agreed, Colbert was donned in bright neon green and ultimately opened his brain as he cracked his own nutty persona.

Colbert, host of his own show, is a confident prankster and always ready for a laugh. He wastes no time voicing his opinions with skits and spoofs on his regular show on Comedy Central. A spin-off from being a reporter on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Colbert has well proven his own merit to keep things lively. Long gone are the days of Mark Russell sitting at the piano on PBS to give his satirical take on the world and US events. Colbert has broken the barrier of stuffiness with his humor and quick retorts.

Colbert, the wonderful nut on TV that some are still discovering, is a stable married man with three children. His first love of marine biology was dashed because of his hearing problems. Years ago, he had surgery to correct a perforated eardrum and remove a tumor in his right ear. The surgery was botched, leaving him deaf in that ear and enduring a deformed outer ear. Colbert is okay with his fate and often pokes fun at himself.

Beyond the nuttiness of his life, Colbert had to be paid a hefty sum for the Wonderful Pistachio commercial. Forking out millions for a Super Bowl ad, the company still strives to get consumers on board with their product. Pistachios in general have been under fire in recent years for salmonella outbreaks in their manufacturing plants. Many recalls have occurred, as producers have back pedaled and done the tricks to get their nuts back on the market. Wonderful Pistachios are delicious and healthy, but when bad fortune comes along, the big names are needed to pull out all the stakes to promote the brand.

Originally, and still from the mid-east and central Asia, pistachios are tasty and good for leveling out cholesterol.  Containing iron and selenium, the wholesome nut is usually roasted and salted, bagged and shipped across the country. California is a big producer of pistachios and the home base for the Wonderful Pistachio company.

The nutty nature of a zany brain, such as Colbert, is perfect for marketing and merchandising. As he plugs pistachios, his own bank account may increase and demand for the salty snack might be munched on, as his skits on politics continue to be wonderful and nutty.

By Roanne FitzGibbon

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