Obamacare Policy Upsets Labor Unions


President Barack Obama’s healthcare policy, labeled Obamacare, was announced by the administration as a great benefit to society, though it upset the labor force unions. Is that really true, however? According to sources, union officials say the president broke his promises that he would not burden the middle class with higher taxes and let the private insurance industry reap more rewards.

Labor union leaders in recent weeks have been lobbying hard for the president to leave room for protections within the framework of the Affordable Care Act, legislation that has created a government-mandated health insurance system by which individual states are tasked with managing “health care exchanges.” People may keep their old plan, though rates have been reported to rise among many providers after Obamacare became law.

The federal labor unions are asking for more. Specifically, Colleen Kelley is calling for a three percent raise for treasury workers, according to the Washington Post. Two large labor union leaders (one endorsed Obama in 2008), said they were betrayed by Obama in 2009 after he promised to see to matters of union-negotiated plans. Those health insurance plans cover millions of federal workers, according to the Post.

Part of the criticism comes from the argument over the subsidies themselves. Labor union officials complain that Obamacare doesn’t offer them the same benefits as those of the private sector insurance companies. The same healthcare policy initiative that Obama promoted now upsets even many of his base in the labor unions, who are now saying they may not feel willing to support another Democrat in the mid-term elections coming up.

Obama is now in his second term and has used both his power of persuasion (charm coupled with intellect) and executive authority to push Obamacare and he has faced challenges from all corners, while trying to navigate the problems of the Middle East and NSA leaks domestically, to name a few. He has faced constant pressure from the press, the public, the political right, center, far left and now even moderate Democrats are abandoning the idea of Obamacare.

Other labor unions in various sectors of the U.S. have been very critical of the President’s policies and have said that Obama’s word to let you keep your old health plan has not turned out to be the case. Taxes, other expenses and regulatory burdens have been the cause of much of the complaint.

Much of the government policies and initiatives are slow at work in Washington and those that feel the pinch may not be happy to wait. It is unclear what labor leaders will decide at the polls, but Obamacare will remain a hot political topic of debate across the political spectrum in Washington right around campaigning season. Union leaders sent the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid a letter containing their feelings of disappointment with the policy. The Obamacare policy upsets labor unions that feel they need an immediate boost in morale and assistance from the government while these policies are implemented at such a tumultuous time in U.S. history.

By Rob Lawson


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