Super Bowl Sunday Is on the Way


Super Bowl is the biggest annual and most popular sports event in the USA. This year, it will be held on Sunday, February 2nd at 6:00 p.m. EST.  It is an extremely significant event to all Americans.  However, each person perceives its importance differently.  For instance, some people might think it’s the best time for family gatherings and a great opportunity for strengthening family ties. Others would exploit the event for the benefit of their business. It could also be looked at from a consumer’s perspective by watching ads and searching for good deals to make a purchase. There are distinct reasons for everyone watching the game, but what is common among all is that it is one of the most-watched TV programs of the year.

If nearly an average of 80 to 90 million people watch the Super Bowl game annually, then it must be a very unique event that shouldn’t be looked upon as a mere football game. It has surpassed this notion of sitting relaxed on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and enjoying a good football game. Super Bowl is the moment of youthful exuberance and a great source of entertainment. It includes a half-time show in which a popular singer or band performs in a way that most likely resembles a concert, not to mention the huge number of advertisements that surprisingly amuse rather than annoy the viewers. In fact, most of the advertisements shown during the event are designed especially for the Super Bowl event, as evidenced by the words ” Super” and “Bowl” being often used in the ads.

Since the game is several hours long, food and beverages are invariably available. Diners and bars play an extremely vital role in the Super Bowl event. Restaurants throughout the states are offering deals on food and drinks, while some even plan for parties.  Most restaurants, on the other hand, provide catering and delivery services throughout the whole day of the event.  People are often asked to place their catering orders at least two days before the event due to the busy atmosphere in any restaurant.  In addition, all restaurants provide a big TV screen for clients to enjoy their game.

Thus, Super Bowl game has a huge impact on the economy.  It is considered to be a great source of revenue for the government. It’s the biggest marketers’ and investors’ holiday. Advertisers are bloodily competing by creating attractive, eye-catching and funny ads that are shown on both TV and social media.  Not only does an advertisement promote a product, but it also contributes to the analysis of the game.  Marketers are trying to integrate their products with what’s happening in the game by spreading their comments on social media, which is considered to be a very clever and creative strategy of marketing.

The Super Bowl event seems to be very effective for all members of society. It’s important for the young and the elderly. It is very influential for small businesses as well as top brands. Restaurants and hotels tend to be perfectly prepared for this day. Government collects millions of dollars from this famous event.

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