Taliban One-Way Ticket to Jannat


Taliban offers a package no one in the world can: a one-way flight ticket to Jannat (Urdu for “paradise”). The only eligibility requirement is consent to become a suicide bomber for the Taliban. Joking aside, it is one of the main reasons young boys and girls are brainwashed to such an  extent they believe that by carrying out a suicide mission for the Taliban, they ensure everlasting paradise.

The reality, however, is that Islam bans suicide. Anyone who commits suicide is not given the requisite funeral prayer. As far as suicide bombing is concerned, it is a double sin; one for taking your own life, a gift that is from Allah and second, the killing of innocent, unsuspecting people by a suicide bomber.  It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that one who kills a single innocent soul kills humanity, but not according to the Taliban and its indoctrinated suicide bombers. To the Taliban, they believe they are performing a sacred duty to Allah, which, if they are familiar with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PUBH), they are not. In fact, by undertaking such a mission, they nullify the teachings of both the Holy Quran and the sharia of the prophet.

The tough reality is that the Taliban is able to recruit these young people by enticing them with millions of rupees. To some, this is more than they can ever earn working all their lives, so in order to secure a future for their children or their ailing parents, they consent to become suicide bombers. They do not give a thought to the fact that not only might they be securing the futures of their loved ones, but they are also destroying the lives of innocent people who are unsuspecting targets, and who also have loved ones waiting at home for their safe return. But all the Taliban-indoctrinated jihadis are thinking about while carrying out suicide missions are their one-way tickets to Jannat.

The most alarming aspect of this macabre scenario is that one of the clerics attending the Pakistan-Taliban peace talks has been reported by the international press that the Taliban has 500 female suicide bombers, referred to as “black widows,” ready to strike at a signal from their commanders. What kind of peace is the Taliban talking about, when their negotiators are engaged in peace talks with the Pakistani government while, at the same time, having an army of suicide bombers ready to shake the very foundations of Pakistan?

A pertinent question that arises at this juncture is, if suicide bombing is such a great service to the cause of the Taliban and of Islam, then why don’t the clerics propagate this notion by offering themselves and their families to volunteer for this cause? Why is it always the unemployed scion of a poor household who is entrusted with this so-called sacred religious task while the families of the clerics are safely residing in secure homes, with their sons and daughters studying abroad at Ivy League universities in “evil” America?

The bitter truth is that suicide bombing is un-Islamic, unethical and heinous. The drafting of suicide bombers is not a one-way ticket to Jannat, as the Taliban would have us believe. Rather, it is a one-way ticket to hell.

OP-ED by Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

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