Taylor Swift Chops Her Hair

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has chopped her hair into a cute bob, but don’t worry; it’s not the case of another troubled star. The country singer opted for a change, after completing her final performance at London’s O2 arena.

During the show, she pulled Ellie Golding up on the stage to do a Burn duet with her. It was a surprise for all her fans, and something they were delighted to see. The 24-year-old, shortly after, opted to chop her signature long, wavy hair off into a cute bob. She shared a photo with Golding on Instagram with the caption “short hair, don’t care.”

Swift isn’t known for her controversial actions, unlike some of her fellow, young stars. Despite being in the public eye since she was a teenager, the 24-year-old says that it isn’t hard to keep her clothes on. She told Glamour, a UK magazine, that she has never felt the need to strip down, physically. Her choice is to strip down, emotionally and mentally, through her songs. She opens her life and her heart in the songs she chooses to write; to swift, this is much riskier because it gives enough details for fans to realize just who her songs are about. According to the singer, it puts her out there, much more than taking her clothes off would.

Swift made the decision to chop her hair with her crew and others around her. She took a video of all the people surrounding her and shared that with her social media following. Ed Sheeran is just one of the star’s friends who can be seen watching with a smile, as she goes through with her decision.

The video has everyone talking, for very different reasons. Towards the end, there is someone who looks very much like the country singer’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. According to some people on Twitter, it really is Styles, but there has been no confirmation from reps of either Swift or the One Direction band member.

Recently, the 24-year-old has been spotted with another member of One Direction, Niall Horan. He was seen at one of the singer’s O2 arena gigs, while on crutches following a knee operation. One Direction fans have raised questions about whether there is something going on and what it could mean for the band. At the time Horan was seen at the gig, Styles was reportedly in California celebrating turning 20.

According to a source close to Swift, the pair met through Sheeran – a mutual friend. Horan seemed a genuine fan of the country singer and gained an Access All Areas pass so they could have a drink together. When the singer performed I Knew You Were Trouble, Horan reportedly smirked. The song is rumored to be about Styles.

There are still limited photos of the 24-year-old’s new haircut. The Instagram share is a Polaroid style shot, but shows off the side-swept bangs and wavy bob. Swift’s decision to chop her hair doesn’t seem to suggest she is having a career breakdown and is, more likely, just a sign that she wanted a change, like all women do.

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  1. Jeanie   February 12, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    This article referred to Taylor Swift as “it’s”…. should have read “she’s”…. plus the photo is oh so old………. can’t take this seriously…..


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