Taylor Swift Starting Fresh for Next Album

Taylor Swift might be now known for her new hairdo but her next album is getting some attention as well. Swift will be starting fresh when she writes her next album after she decided to throw out her previous songs and not include them in her new album. Swift says that she likes to write for two years before she finishes an album and that she knows whatever she writes by this point is going to get thrown away. Swift continues by saying that she is most likely going to like what she is writing but that the songs will sound a little too much like her previous project.

Swift wants to challenge herself with her music. She said that if she decided to write about the same topics then she would be taking the easy way out and that she does not want to go that way creatively. She also says that people need to challenge themselves and trust their influences. She likes to be influenced by different things and her music is written when she feels anxious. She explains that the goal for her songs is to think of new topics she has not covered before and how she is going to express old emotions that everyone is feeling in new ways.

She also writes her music with raw emotion and she tries to put her true feelings into her songs by writing the emotions she was feeling at that moment. She also reveals what happened in her life through her songs. Swift said she tries to create a new version of herself when she writes a new album and she explains that the idea is what keeps her and her fans together. Swift tells Glamour that her second goal of music is to write about what is really happening to her even if it is hard for others to hear.

Aside from the writing process, she also might be working with two well-known music giants for her next album. Shellback, a song writer, and Max Martin, a music producer, have worked with Swift on three songs for her last album, Red. She said that she would like to work on more than three songs with them for her next album. Swift will also be starting fresh for the content of her next album. She explains that the album will not be the next chapter but a new book.

She has also sung with some famous faces; recently she sang Next to Me with Emeli Sandé on the London leg of her Red tour. She has also sung with Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Danny O’Donoghue from The Script. When it comes to reading about herself, Swift says that she knows when she should read an article. She said that she asks herself if it is going to help her and if it is important to her life. If she can answer no to either of those questions, she does not read it. Swift feels that she is cautious of being brought into the rabbit hole of the Internet because as a songwriter she feels she does not have the option of having thick skin. She feels that as a writer people have to be open to everything including fear, pain, self-doubt and rejection.

Taylor Swift will be starting fresh for her next album after she scrapped her material that she has written since her last album, Red, was released. She felt that the songs she threw away would have been too similar to her last project. Her songs are raw and written with the emotions she was feeling at that moment. She also tries to write about what is happening in her life and tries to write about old feelings everyone has in new ways. Her new album might feature songs she wrote with Shellback and Martin. She said that her next album will be a whole new book, not just the next chapter.

By Jordan Bonte


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  1. Prasenjit Sasmal   April 22, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    i think it would be “come back Taylor

  2. Tracey   April 15, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    Maybe Taylor and I can work on a duet called “Just Like Taylor”

  3. Tayla   February 16, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    I would like to write Taylor swift a new song called the secret is mine I love Taylor she is awsome she is a great singer!!

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