‘The Biggest Loser’ Controversy as Winner Loses Too Much Weight

The Biggest LoserThis year’s winner on The Biggest Loser has caused controversy by losing too much weight. It’s not often that this problem is in the news, but is a dangerous and realistic issue.

For those who have never seen it, the weight loss reality show helps people who are morbidly obese shed the pounds quickly but healthily. They’re given all the tools they need to make this a permanent change, including changing their eating and exercise habits. However, it is a contest in the end and the winner is usually the person who has lost the most weight.

The idea of The Biggest Loser is to get to a healthy and sustainable weight. By being on TV, it shows others that it really is possible and all the benefits of getting to a healthy weight, according to the BMI. In the 15 years that the show has aired, this is the first time that people have complained about a winner—let alone a contestant—lose too much weight.

Rachel Frederickson lost 155 pounds in total to get to her final weight of 105 pounds. That was a total of 59.62 percent of her total bodyweight lost. The large amount wouldn’t sound too bad if it wasn’t for looking at the 24-year-old now. Many fans of the weight loss show took to Twitter to complain that she now looks too skinny, rather than healthy. They want The Biggest Loser to address the controversy that the winner has possibly lost too much weight, rather than risk her becoming a bad role model for other dieters.

However, others have defended the amount of weight lost by Frederickson. They state that she was in it to win, and the whole point of the show is to be the person who lost the most weight. She was highly competitive from the start and wanted a place in that final. She was also a swimmer in high school and likely wanted to get that figure back.

Those who have criticized those critizing Frederickson have pointed out that people are never happy. There is always something to complain about, but complaining about someone being “too skinny” is ridiculous.

Some fans of the show pointed out that most people who have been on The Biggest Loser have ended up putting some weight back on. When the contestants return home, they are unable to keep up the strict regimen while in the house. They do not have the personal trainers around them to push them in the gym all the time and they have to find a way to balance weight loss and maintenance with their regular day-to-day lives.

The percentage of the weight loss is the most concern for viewers. They say that almost 60 percent is just too much. This is large compared to the at-home winner of this year’s show, Tumi Oguntala, who lost 54.86 percent in total after going from 319 pounds to 175 pounds.

Frederick showed off her new size 0-2 figure in a silvery short dress at the finale. However, the look has caused controversy as people worry that The Biggest Loser winner has lost too much weight.

By Alexandria Ingham

The Los Angeles Times

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