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The Voice

The season premiere of The Voice aired last night and it seems that the judges will stop at nothing to ensure that they get the artists they want.  The premiere was packed with new talent and had higher ratings than the seasons finale in 2013.

According to TV By The Numbers, last nights show had the highest ratings The Voice ever had since February 5, 2012 when they aired after the Super Bowl.  That is a 15% jump in the ratings.

The judges this year are Adam Levine and Blake Shelton who have been coaches since the show’s first season back in 2011.  Usher is back again this season, as well as Shakira who both appeared on The Voice for season 4.  Cee Lo Green has already released statements that he was leaving The Voice for good in order to concentrate on his music.  Christina Aguilera, who was recently engaged to Matthew Rutler, is not returning this season due to her being pregnant with her second child.  Her first child was with her first husband, Jordan Bratman.

The first contestant in the Blind Auditions was a young girl from New Jersey, Christina Grimmie, who preformed Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.  For the first performance it was exciting to see that all 4 judges had turned their chairs around hearing the passion she exuded.  The fight to win her over onto their teams began.  Shakira, trying to deter Grimmie from choosing Levine went as far as to say, “He is tired…and I’m going to give you all this focus.”  Though all the coaches were pointing at themselves, trying to coax the contestant onto their team, it was Levine who became the first victor of the night.

T.J. Wilkins was the second contestant and preformed Elton John’s Bennie and the Jets.  Shakira was the only judge not to turn her chair around saying that she didn’t want to “waste her bullets.”  Usher won that round immediately tweeting, “Now that’s the way to ‘mix it up’.  Nice try @Shakira.”

The judges of The Voice certainly are showing they will stop at nothing to win over contestants especially after Kristen Merlin’s rendition of Sugarland’s, Something More.  Skakira even had to use Blake Shelton’s wife, Miranda Lambert, as a bribe (promising Merlin that Lambert will be brought in as a mentor for Merlin) in order to sway the artist onto her team.  Tweeting, “I owe @mirandalambert and my #ShakiFans for helping me get Kristen…isn’t she great?” The tactic worked and even shocked Merlin herself as she already determined that she was going to pick Blake Shelton as a coach.

Next contestant, Tanner Linford from Utah didn’t get any chairs turned around for him and was let go.  Biff Gore from Colorado, who sang a Sam Cooke song, pulled off getting all coaches to fight for him but choose Usher.

The first duo of the night was Dawn and Hawkes from Texas had Levine and Shakira battling it out.  Levine poured his soul out causing Blake to say, “I have never seen him so passionate.”  Shakira pulled out all the stops saying, “I have 70 million friends on Facebook.” trying to entice the couple onto her team.  However it was Levine who won them over and then, literally, stood up and dropped to the floor in a dramatic fashion.

Leo Gallo from California did not get to continue. When Shakira won over contestant, Jeremy Briggs also from California, it blew Shelton away as he really thought Briggs would have chosen him.  “Usher and Shakira are back and they are fighting harder than ever.” says Shelton.

Then it was Jake Worthington’s turn who had appeared on season 5 of The Voice.  His country singing pushed Levine to say that if Worthington chose him that “They would crush the Giant.” referring to Shelton who is the judge with the most wins on the show.  He continues the fight with threatening Shelton that he was going to take Worthington from him that, “He is mine!”.  Worthington ended up choosing Shelton giving the country star his first team win of the night causing Shelton to boast, “I’m still the man.”

Enter from Philadelphia, Karina Mia, who sang Beneath Your Beautiful.  She did not get any coaches to root for her and her journey ended there.

The last contestant was Bria Kelly from Virginia, who sang Steamroller Blue’s,  and had Levine and Shelton turning their chairs around before one word was sung and all four chairs turned by the end of her performance.  Usher flaunted his Grammy Award in hopes to dazzle Kelly into picking him.  It worked.

The season 6 premiere proves that the judges will stop at nothing on The Voice for a contestant to join their team.  The judges are in it to win it and have no shame using any method possible to lure in the contestants of their choice.

Editorial by Derik L. Bradshaw


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