The Voice The Blind Auditions Part 2 (Review & Videos)

The Voice Blind Auditions Part 2 (Review & Videos)
Tonight on The Voice, The Blind Auditions continue, with the second night of amazing singers of the Blind Audition part of Season 6. Competitors will try to influence the judges/coaches with their singing abilities, to get as many of the judges to hit their buttons and turn their chairs around as they can. The Voice was the number one rated TV show last night; we’ll see if it can make it two nights in a row!

Getting even one judge on The Voice to be impressed enough with your singing to turn his/her chair around is great; but, if a contestant get get more than one to turn around, then he/she gets to choose which of the judges he/she wants to be his/her coach.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began this episode by recapping last night’s terrific singing performances. Bria Kelly singing “Steamroller Blues,” Dawn & Hawke performing “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” and T.J. Harris singing “Bennie and the Jets,” were some of the many standout performances of the evening.

Usher scored 3 artists; Shakira scored 2; and Blake added one member to his team, Jake Worthington. How many more team members will be added to each team tonight?

Carson introduced Delvin Choice, who tried out once before, but got no chairs to turn around. He is singing a Donnie Hathaway song tonight,  “A Song for You.” Delvin has one funky-looking hairdo, but he’s a pretty good singer. Blake turned his chair around super quickly, really digging Delvin’s awesome voice. Shakira also turned her chair around, and Adam; then Usher turned his around towards the very end of the performance.

Blake: “You’ve got to tell me how you fix your hair.”

Usher: “The rest of the judges probably can’t even tell you who wrote the song you sang. It’s a very personal one for me.”

Delvin picked Adam! That kind of surprised me, but Team Adam won last season, so maybe Delvin is hoping Adam’s run will continue this season.

On The Voice, Madilyn Page, 16, was featured after a commercial break. She will be singing “Titanium.” It’s a song I really like, and Madilyn did a TERRIFIC job singing it! Usher turned his chair around quickly, then Shakira pushed her button and turned her chair around.

Usher: “If you do chose me as your coach, I think you could go a long way.”

Shakira: “I’m really ready to work with a young girl and teach her all I’ve learned.”

Usher: “This moment matters and you’ve got to make the right choice. I’m your guy.”

Shakira: “I’m the right coach for you, and I’ll bring out the best in you.”

Madilyn decided to join Team Usher! Wow! She said she picked Usher because he said he’d “stick by her all the way through.

After another commercial break, the next performer was Noah Lis. He’ll be singing “Me and Mrs. Jones.” He says he’s been running his music business for 11 years now. He talks about his grandfather, who passed away last year. He says this performance is dedicated to him.

The audience clapped and cheered as soon as he began to sing. Usher had his hand poised, ready to hit his button; but, he held off for a bit. Adam, then Blake, hit their buttons right at the very end of the song!

Adam asked him who were his big inspirations, and Noah said Frank Sinatra, among others.

Adam: “I’m not going to blow rain bows up his butt like Blake.”

Blake: “Blow rainbows up his butt? That’s disgusting!”

Usher: “The power to choose is yours. Who will be your coach?”

Noah picked Blake! Blake said that Dean Martin was one of his favorite singers, and that he can’t wait to explore some of the things Noah can sing with him as the season goes on.

More commercials followed, then, when The Voice came back on, Carson Daly recapped the night so far. He said that the next person up, Keith Shuskie. He will be singing “Somewhere Only You Know,” a beautiful song, and he NAILS it!  But, none of the judges turned around!

Adam: “Your voice cuts in a really cool way.”

Keith: “Queen is one of my favorite groups.”

Usher tells him that he needed to come back in the future. I thought Keith did a pretty good job, but the judges thought that the song wasn’t a good choice for me, and that maybe a Queen song would have been better.

Deja Hall, 16, will be the next performer. She had one of her kidneys removed when she was younger. The song she will be performing is “True Colors.” She has a really beautiful voice. Shakira and Blake turned their chars around pretty quickly. Right at the end, Usher turned his chair around, prompting a groan from Blake.

Shakira: “You’re so angelic, and your voice is beautiful.”

Blake: “I think you can win this show, but I don’t think you can win it with either of these two. I want to adopt you.”

Usher: “It’s not an easy song. There’s certain breathing techniques I can teach you.”

Blake: “I wouldn’t make you learn anything. You’re greeat just like you are.”

Deja started to announce who she was going to pick, when — The Voice went to ANOTHER commercial break!

Deja said: “I’m going to have to pick — Shakira.”

Shakira: “Deja is an angel fallen from Heaven. And, she’s all mine! I can’t believe it! I got a good one!”

The final artist of the night is female country singer, Cary Laine, from Wyoming. “To perform in front of four superstars like these coaches is amazing,” she tells Carson. The song she chooses to sing is “Better Dig Two.”

Adam is the first coach to turn his chair around, then Blake and Shakira did. Usher turned his chair around close to the end of her performance, making it all four judges!

Adam got up, walked over to Cary, and led her to his chair, allowing her to sit in it. Then, Shakira let her sit in her chair, and Usher followed suit, saying “Look me in my eyes.” Shakira said “No, no, no!”

Then, he said: “Okay, look me in my lips,” and Shakira said the same thing, again.

Blake: “Cassadee Pope has already had a number one album. This is not the time to experiment with your life.”

Adam: “Dare to be different.”

Cary: “I pick — Adam!” That was a surprise to me! Adam definitely rubbed it in to Blake.

That was the end of this hour-long episode of The Voice. There were a lot of fantastic performances, as usual, like Deja Hall’s, and Delvin Choice, Cary Laine and Noah Lis were three of the other performers who delivered solid performances.

What did you think of this episode of The Voice? Which performer (s) do you think stood out the most? Please leave your comments below, and join me next week to watch The Voice and then come back here to read my recap/review of it!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Debbie Cook   March 1, 2014 at 5:01 am

    Blake Shelton, you are my favorite on The Voice, but why don’t you speak up MORE for the ones you want for your team. The other three are out-voicing you and getting some good contestants. I feel you are missing out because you don’t voice what you can do for them. Fight more for them. One contestant picked Adam because she said he fought for her. I want you to win, but I think the other 3 are getting better contestants because they are so convincing. Speak up.

  2. Keith James Shuskie Jr   February 26, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Thanks for the great compliments!

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