The Voice The Blind Auditions Premiere (Review & Videos)

The Voice Blind Auditions Premier (Review & Videos)

Tonight is the premiere of a brand new season on The Voice, and it’s the turns of Usher and Shakira to be judges once more! Cee Lo Green has announced that he will no longer be a judge/coach on The Voice, and Christina Aguilera is engaged and pregnant –congrats, Christina!

So, Usher and Shakira are back, joining fan favorite judges/coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Will the bromance between them continue? Do you still think it’s funny, or do you even care? I’m ready for another season of great singing on The Voice, and Season 6 promises to be one of the best ones yet!

Blake Shelton began this episode of The Voice singing “Whenever, Wherever” on stage  Then, Shakira joined him, and she sang  “Boys Round Here”  with him! After that, Usher sang  “Love Somebody” and Adam Levine joined him; then, Adam sang “Without You.”  It was a very cool way to open this season of The Voice!

The Voice host, Carson Daly,  welcomed Shakira, Usher, Adam and Blake back. Then, he said that the judges will “fight for the artist they want.” He added that the judges will “get more strategic than ever before.” Each team wants to have the winner on his/her team.

First up is Christina Grimmes, 19. She says she has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, so I’m betting she’s crazy-good.She sings the song “Wrecking Ball.” Usher turned first, then Shakira, then Adam, in rapid-fire succession. She is an AWESOME singer, and did a great version of this Miley Cyrus song! Blake finally turned around, also, as she was finishing. She has MAD SKILLS.

Adam: “You’re more comfortable that I am up there, all most. No one fights harder than me.”

Shakira: “Now I’m rested and focused as a laser.”

Usher spoke about unlocking her incredible potential, and says that he plans “on winning this entire thing with you.”

Blake: “This is about you,” he said, then tried to convince her he would be all for her, and helping her develop into whatever sort of singer she wanted to be.

Christina chose Adam, and he pumped his fist in the air. Adam struck first, and has one of his team members already.  Who will add a team member to his/her team next on The Voice?

Back on The Voice, Carson’s hit the road to meet T.J. Wilkins, and visit with him at his house. T.J. has tried to live above his surroundings, and get out of a pretty rough neighborhood he grew up in. He’s trying to “hone his skills as a singer,” as he says. He will sing “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John for his audition tonight.

He freakin’ NAILED it! Blake turned around SUPER QUICK. Shakira was getting into the song, and she turned around, also, as did Usher and Adam. T.J. has such a wide range to his voice — he was AMAZING!

Adam: “You have such a really big voice, that was amazing.”

Usher: “I do hear an incredible R&B record in you, and I want you to be the winner.”

Blake: “When you go for the high stuff, it’s amazing. I have a ton of respect for you, Tej.”

Shakira: “I say mix it up, be adventurous — go with  Blake.”

T.J. decided to pick Usher as his coach. “I’ve got my first artist. Season 6 is official,” Usher said.

Back after a commercial break, we meet Kristen Merlin, 29. She says she “gravitated to country music.” She sings 6-7 nights a week.  She talked about “coming out” to her mom when she was 16.  She said “I need this.” The song she’s chosen to perform is  “Something More.”

Adam is the first to turn around, then Shakira, lightening fast, and Usher. Shakira even got up and clapped her hands and danced! Kristen has a super cool voice, and powerful pipes.

Adam: “Welcome to Team Adam! It was so cool to hear your instincts. That is the kind of mindset I want! I need it so bad.”

Shakira: “I have social connections. I have 20 million followers on Twitter.”

Blake: “If I was you, I think I’d be pickin’ Shakira.” Kristen decided to go with Shakira — “I’m sorry, Adam,” Shakira tells him.

Adam: “That one hurt. That one hurt.”

Tanner Linford, 16, was the next one up on The Voice. He looks very young — and he is very young — but he has a terrific voice. He talks aobut his uncle Jim, who died of brain cancer, and he says “I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.” He sings “Stay.”

God, he has an AWESOME voice! The audience cheered as he sang. None of the judges turned their chairs around, though! That seemed impossible to me.

Adam: “You have to not only sing this song, but live this song.”

Usher: “Nurse your talent. I hope that you’re going to come back.”

Adam: “Keep singing, man. You’ve got a great voice. Keep singing.”

Biff Gore, 35, is up next on The Voice. He says his style is “very soulful,” and he calls it “life music.” He says that his brother, Kenny, played a large role in saving his life.  He works matching transplant donors with recipients. Carson shows Biff his family on his smartphone, wishing him well.

Biff chooses to sing “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke. Adam turns around, then Blake and Shakira. Biff really has an amazing, emotion-filled, voice. Finally, Usher also pushes his button, and turns his chair around. Biff got all four judges to turn around!

Blake: “Man, you just took me right to church!”

Adam pointed at Blake, and shouted: “Save this man! Save this man!”

Shakira (on Usher): “He’s preparing for a movie, and doing sit-ups! He has no time for you. Choose me!”

Shakira: “I know you have a wife at home, thinking ‘Shakira!'”

Biff’s about to choose, when — The Voice goes to yet another commercial break!

Biff tells Shakira that his wife is at home expecting their sixth child. After a commercial break, he chose to be on Team Usher. Blake said: “I’m very irritated he didn’t choose Team Blake.”

Carson: “Let’s see if our coaches push their buttons for the first duo of the season.” The pair, Dawn & Hawke, explain that as they sang together more and more, they fell in love with each other. They sing “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles. AWESOME! UBER COOL! I LOVE this song! They both played their guitars as they sang. They got Shakira to turn her chair around, and Adam; Shakira gave them a standing ovation.

Adam: “That was my favorite performance that I’ve ever, ever seen on The Voice. This is special. This is something I want to be with.”

Shakira: “I would die if I could work with people like you. I was captivated. You’re going straight to the top. I’m a producer, I’m a stager.  I have 70 million Facebook friends.”

They decided to choose Adam as their coach! Adam was ecstatic — he fell to the floor and laid there for a bit. More commercials ensued….

Leo Gallo, 27, goes next on The Voice. He said he was in a boy band produced by Quincy Jones, but the boy band craze was ending around that time. He says he “knows I can work a crowd,” but he wants to prove it. He’ll be singing “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.

Leo had the crowd cheering right from the start — he can hit those high falsetto notes, and the LOW ones too. He did some cool dance moves too, though the judges couldn’t see those, of course. No judges turned around, though.

Adam: “You must have been dancing. It was a tough call. I heard that Blake has moves.”

Carson says: “Coming up, our judges will stop at nothing to get the artist they want.” It sounds pretty interesting…I wonder what he’s referring to by that comment.

After the commercial break, Jeremy Briggs sings “Bad Company” by Bad Company. He’s the lead singer of a band that plays classic rock. He says that “This is my opportunity to start my career as a singer.” He’s AMAZING! First, Blake turns around; then, Shakira does. I saw Bad Company in concert — Jeremy has a very powerful voice, and got the  crowd ROCKING!

Blake: “I think you’d be great on Team Blake! Don’t look at her (Shakira) or it’s over — oh, damn; he’s looking at her.”

Shakira: “Who’s the hungriest here?”

Blake: “We’ll fix you a sandwich.”

Jeremy ponders who he will pick as a coach, but not for long, before picking Team Shakira! That’s her 2nd. artist of the night so far.

Blake: “Usher and Shakira are back, and they’re fightin’ harder than ever.”

Then, after more commercials, Jake Worthington sings “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Keith Whitley. He’d been on The Voice before but didn’t get any coach to turn around for him; now, it’s Round Two for Jake.

He is singing much better than he did before! He gets Adam to turn aorund right away, then Blake, who can’t help but yell out: “He’s back!”

Shakira turns around, prompting Blake to say: “Get back! Turn back around!”

Blake: “You came back!”

Adam: “Blake has won many time. but I believe he’s just won once with a country singer. That was so beautiful.”

Blake tells Shakira: “She’s a crappy coach.”

Shakira: “I’m not a crappy coach. You’re mean.”

Adam: “I’m not giving up. Jake is mine!” He desperately wants to stop Blake from getting Jake, but Jake chooses Blake, so now Blake has his first team member of Season 6 of The Voice.

Karina Mia sings “Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labyrinth. She is very talented, and has a TERRIFIC voice.

Blake: “You have a terrific vibrato. I didn’t hit my button, but I loved your sound.”

Shakira: “I was wishing for a moment that would give me goose bumps, but it never came.” Shakira went up onto the stage to hug her. Nobody turned around for her!

Bria Kelly, 17,  was the last competitor on The Voice. Bria had previously appeared on America’s Got Talent. She JAMMED OUT! The song Bria sang was “Steamroller Blues.” She totally WAILED! All four judges turned their chairs around!

Blake: “You’re a STUD! A powerful presence up there!

Adam: “That’s working against you, buddy!”

Shakira: “You have that energy that just takes over a room.”

Blake: “I’m gonna buy your record no matter what.”

Usher broke out his Grammy, to try to impress Bria. Adam said: “It’s time to pick me.”

Bria decided to pick Usher! That makes 2 tonight for Team Usher!

Carson says that tomorrow, the Blind Auditions will continue on The Voice. There were some truly impressive performances on this episode, and one of my favorites, if you couldn’t tell, was “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by the duo of Dawn & Hawke. But, T.J.’s was great, as was Christina Grimmes singing “Wrecking Ball,” as was pretty much EVERYONE’S performance. I can’t wait for tomorrow night to hear more great performers sing! What were your thoughts? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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