The Voice Top Five Reasons to Watch Season 6 (Videos)

The Voice Top Five Reasons To Watch Season 6 (Videos)

The Voice (NBC) will start up season 6 on Monday, February 24, and you should be EXCITED about it for these Top Five Reasons (really probably more). After you read this article, please check out the two videos below, one of the judges in Sochi on a joyride, and the second showing a preview of season 6 of The Voice.

First, Shakira and Usher will be returning as judges! Yes, I love to watch Christina Aguilera, and Cee Lo Green is a fave, as well; but, I like the idea of having coaches/judges who cycle from one season to the next. It helps keep The Voice fresh, and it’s something that The X Factor (now canceled) and American Idol (facing lower than usual ratings) don’t do. They change out judges, but often the new judges aren’t ones that appeal to as broad of an audience as the judges that The Voice has hit upon.

Second, watching a continuation of the bizarre but entertaining “bromance” that has developed between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Sure, Adam would love to beat Blake and win a victory for his team, and Blake would like to beat Adam; but, they also have developed a genuine friendship over the seasons…however strange of one it seems to be, at times….

Third, Shakira and Usher are gunning for a win for their teams, as well, and they are both hungry for a victory. As the two coaches/judges who cycle from season to season, along with Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera, they have developed their own special chemistry, as well, and when they sing on the stage of The Voice, either together of separately, magic is created.

Fourth, though this is not new to this season, The Voice is a show that’s lasted in part because of the competitors being initially judged only by their singing abilities, not by their appearance, as well. The judges’ backs are turned to the competitors, and they only turn to face the singers if they have pushed a button to indicate that they would like a particular singer on his/her team. In other words, singing ability counts above beauty or handsomeness.

Fifth, The Voice attracts some of the best vocal talent in America, and consistently, season to season, the home audience is treated to hearing some of today’s best up-and-coming singers perform.

Those are the Top Five Reasons to watch season 6 of The Voice, though there are many more reasons, such as the always colorful and interesting celebrity singers who act as mentors to the competitors, the battle rounds and stealing of competitors that goes on, the knockout rounds and live performance rounds, listening to the musical performances of the coaches, and having one of the coolest hosts for a show ever in Carson Daly.

When the dust has cleared and the teams are set, the battle rounds are on. The coaches/judges then try to give their team members the best advice that they can, and they become close with them, often making friendships that last through the years, besides aiding the competitors in their musical careers.

In the Battle Rounds, two competitors, one from one of the judges’ team and the other, from another, must face each other and perform the same song at the same time in front of a studio audience.

Each coach has two steals at his/her disposal, but they have to be careful when to use them, and to “strategize”so that they don’t potentially miss out on getting the ONE singer who just might take him/her to the winner’s circle of The Voice.

These Top Five Reasons (and the other ones I mentioned) are just the tip of the iceberg of the many reasons that you should watch The Voice, but they’re a start. What are some of the reasons why you are interested in tuning in to watch season 6 of The Voice this coming Monday? Please leave your thoughts and comment below, and check out the two videos!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

The Voice Coaches on a Sochi Joyride

The Voice Season 6 Preview

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