‘Titanfall’ Beta Now Open to All Xbox One Users


Titanfall, an upcoming multiplayer shooter by Respawn Entertainment, has released a beta version of the video game that is now open to all Xbox One users. Gamers who have access to a Xbox One can try out the multiplayer experience for free by downloading it on Xbox Live. The beta is not only a demo that lets players try out the game, but it is also a test session. Respawn wants to “stress test” the game by having as many gamers play online at once to serve as trial to examine the performance of the servers. Titanfall will be available in the United States on March 11.

Respawn Entertainment recently offered some tips and instructions on how to get the beta. For gamers to download the beta, those with an Xbox One must sign into the system and then head towards the game store where one will find the “New Game Demos” section. Xbox One users also have the option to utilize their Kinect capabilities by saying “Xbox bing” and then “show me game demos.” In the “Demos” section, there should be a Titanfall beta icon that can immediately be downloaded. Some gamers may not be able to find a download for the beta at first, so “it may take some time” for some to find the demo. The official link to the beta will eventually be made available to everybody.

With the Titanfall beta now opened to all Xbox One users as it was released Saturday night, there will be another audience that will also get a chance to try out the much-anticipated game. There are also plans to open a Windows PC beta version of the video game. It should be available later today for PC gamers. There is also positive news concerning the length of the beta. Although the Titanfall beta was supposed to end on February 19, Respawn has extended it by one day at the least because the company wants to “make up for the downtime.”

The action-oriented game is aiming to become Xbox One’s first defining multiplayer game. Titanfall plans to give players an innovative multiplayer experience that will combine first-person shooting along with a chance to man a battle-ready robot. The video game also plans to impress with its next-generation graphics on the powerful Xbox One.

Founder of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, took to Twitter to discuss the Titanfall beta. He acknowledged that the video game company has a “limited server capacity for the beta,” and that it would be great “to hit that ceiling.” Zampella and the Respawn team want to basically “break” the beta, so that the company can push their servers to the maximum capacity. The founder stated that there may be some possible “delays in finding a server,” but the servers running the multiplayer beta are prepared to face the heavy crowds and should keep up. “All the switches need to be flipped,” Zampella said about the servers, which will be greatly tested in the coming days.

The Titanfall beta that is now open to all Xbox One users will likely bring a large crowd that wants to try out the highly anticipated multiplayer event. The beta will allow Respawn Entertainment test its servers and fix any bugs that may appear in multiplayer, as the company aims to release a solid finished product on March 11.

By Glen Parris


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  1. Romero   February 17, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    they really need to fix this fast because it’s really not fair! to everyone

  2. Jeremy   February 17, 2014 at 11:25 am

    Download unavailable please help. I have a key too doesn’t work.

  3. Joe   February 17, 2014 at 5:08 am

    It just says unavailable, go gold at the left but I am gold.

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