Twitch Live Broadcast to Be Included in Xbox One

Twitch live broadcast to be included in Xbox One

Beginning March 11, Microsoft’s gaming platform, the Xbox One will include live broadcasting of video games played on Twitch. The Twitch website which was launched in June of 2011, has quickly become one of the heaviest trafficked gaming sites on the web where more than one million broadcast their games live every month.

On March 11 Microsoft is expected to release for the XBOX One console that allow Twitch users to stream and join games live, or save the footage for later use. The release is expected to coincide with the launch of Titanfall, the new game from the creators of the mega-popular Call of Duty.

The CEO of the gaming site Twitch, Emmett Shear, expects to have the service totally integrated into the gaming console, and broadcasting will be enabled with the use of the Kinect Camera on the Xbox One. Previously, Twitchers as the participants were sometimes called, were able to broadcast with cameras included on the PlayStation 4, while owners of the Xbox one were able to watch live streams and upload pre-recorded footage.

Twitch will add an assortment of new features to Microsoft’s latest console, and in addition to streaming video games live, and joining games, players can launch broadcasts with live commands.

The voice recognition technology includes support for some simple voice commands, such as saying “Xbox broadcast” to begin streaming, stop Xbox which ends the stream. To join a game you simply send an ask command to a game being broadcast on the Xbox One. The idea of joining another broadcaster’s party adds another level of interactivity that was previously missing from the Twitch experience.

The app itself was created by Twitch, and unlike the one created by Sony for the PS4, Twitch users will be able to stream to any device including the Sony PlayStation 4. Among the features included is the popular chat feature that allows moderated communication between broadcasters.

Yusuf Mehdi, Vice-president of marketing for the Xbox, explains that although the upgrades were promised in November of 2013, the beta product was limited in scope and it was decided to create a service that delivered next generation service capability.
The Twitch community is perhaps one of the biggest video gaming sites with more than 45 million views each month, and the content covers a wide range. In addition to the streams of live games, viewers can see contests from matched electronic games, or clips narrated by the wannabe or budding comedian.

Both Microsoft and Sony have described their respective consoles as being able to support more social interaction, as users are now able to share live streams without the need for additional hardware or software. The Sony PS4, which sold 4.2 million units last year, and the Twitch live broadcast to be included in Xbox OneXbox One, which sold in the area of 3 million units after it was launched now both support live streaming. During the period from the end of the year 2013, to the beginning of 2014, Twitch notes that 20 percent of the broadcasts originated from owners of the PS 4, and a total of almost 2 million streams have transmitted with the PlayStation 4 since the November launch. With the Twitch live broadcast to be included,it is expected that the support will soon be provided to other devices that will also include the PS4.

Written By Dale Davidson

The  Calgary Herald 

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