Justin Bieber Bodyguard and Driver Caught by Long Arm of the Law

Justin Bieber Bodyguard and Driver Caught by Long Arm of the Law

Justin Bieber Bodyguard and Driver Caught by Long Arm of the Law

It certainly seems like Justin Bieber cannot get away from law enforcement officials; now one of the Canadian singer’s bodyguards and a driver have been arrested by the long arm of the law. The security team member and Bieber’s driver were both charged with theft. Both men stand accused of stealing a photographer’s camera outside of an amusement arcade at an amusement park in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

According to police, the two men got into an argument with a paparazzi who was hanging around in his vehicle outside the arcade and Bieber’s bodyguard allegedly grabbed the photographer’s camera before leaping into Justin’s Cadillac SUV and ordering the driver to take off. While the paparazzi who had his camera snatched and removed from the area has not been named, the driver and bodyguard have been named by officials. Security team member 32 year-old Hugo Hesny and Bieber’s driver, 49 year-old Terrance Johnson were taken into custody after police found the photographer’s camera in Justin’s Escalade which was parked in the Sandy Springs residence that the singer is renting while he’s in Georgia.

Just like their boss, the two men have been charged with a felony offence. For a change, Bieber was not involved in the felonious theft. Apparently, the two arrested men stopped the pap’s car in an adjoining parking area where they took the camera. While Justin Bieber has had the long arm of the law reach out and catch his driver and bodyguard, the singer is allegedly declining an option to plea bargain the Miami, Florida charges of DUI and resisting arrest.

The fanzine website TMZ reported that the Florida State Attorney made an offer which would have seen the Baby singer having random substance abuse testing and 40 hours community service. The plea bargain offer also included mandatory alcohol “education” classes as well as meeting with DUI victim’s relatives. Insiders close to Bieber have said that he will not consider the offer. It seems that the teenage performer thinks that the community service will make him a “spectacle” and he does not want the threat of probation hanging over his head.

Other sources have said that the police who stopped Bieber in Miami were “lying” when they accused the singer of smelling of alcohol and that the charge of drag racing was also a fabrication. It has been reported that a GPS device showed that Justin, along with his racing competitor, were only doing 27 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour speed limit.

Regardless of the speed that Bieber was driving at when stopped it was pointed out that prior to being arrested for drag racing and driving under the influence, as well as resisting arrest, that Justin had allegedly been driving at around 136 mph. If the teen heartthrob does turn down the plea bargain, his case could then go to trial and Bieber could face up to two and a half years in jail if convicted.

Bieber has been on a downward spiral since last year and had previously announced that he was retiring from music. This claim lost some validity when the singer tweeted a link to a new track; Broken. Justin’s bodyguard and driver have been caught by the long arm of the law just days before he turns 20. It seems as though 2014 will be another year of upheaval and legal issues for the singer who will, hopefully, outgrow his childish ways when he officially leaves his teen years behind on Saturday.

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