Ukraine Liberated of Yanukovych! Former Prime Minister Released


Kiev, Ukraine – Was liberated today as the personal guard of President Yanukovych abandoned their posts and caused the castigated leader to flee Kiev and the former Prime Minister he imprisoned in 2010 to be released. Yanukovych had denounced these actions as a violent “coup” perpetrated by “Bandits,” and “Hooligans,” he stated. “I don’t plan to leave the country. I don’t plan to resign,” stated Yanukovych just east of the Ukraine-Russia border on television Saturday afternoon from the city of Kharkiv. He claimed, speaking in Russian, outraged that his vehicle was fired upon by citizens as he fled.

Ukrainian citizens that have been protesting for weeks, amidst the turmoil in Kiev that has been described round the world as “Apocalyptic,” were dumbfounded as they were easily able to storm the once well fortified colonnade complex with absolute ease. Police and Ministry soldiers were nowhere to be found in a sight that was calm and eerily silent, especially after weeks of unrest that lead to over hundred deaths. A Ukrainian State Protection service Major, Sergey Belaus, handed over Yanukovych’s home, outside of the capital, to a group of men described as “anti-government militants,” early in the morning and given complete control of his private quarters and tennis courts. Belaus was the last man standing in the compound stating how vehicles and helicopters fled the evening prior. “He came. We talked, and we agreed that he would now be in charge,” he stated, of the man who led the group of militants.

“I am a legitimately elected president,” stated Yanukovych, as he spoke about his plans to consult with his support from the East. Kharkiv is a Russian speaking city that is in heavy support of Ukraine becoming Pro-Russia. Yanukovych also spoke of visiting the Southeast region, which is Crimean, a location with a Russian Naval base.

This event taking place one day after the peace deal was struck with the Presidents opposition, didn’t last for long. The only organization that has so far continued to partially remain in support of Yanukovych is the website of the Ukrainian Presidency. His speech transcript issued in three languages, but recently lost its English translator, or so reports suggest, “he jumped ship,” and the website is now only placing information in Ukrainian and Russian.

Largely unknown now that Kiev, and most of the Ukraine, has been liberated of Yanukovych, and the former Prime Minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, released from a prison hospital; is who will be in control of the government. The large mob of protesters that took over the President’s massive office structure had converted various of those protesters into a security force that stood guard of the facility. Whether established opposition leaders would be taking measures to seize power, a split power grab delving the country deeper into a civil war similar to Yugoslavian events of the 90’s is unknown. Perhaps the myriad voices among the protesters would silence to identify leaders among them that would take control, as they have in the Capital; or if Tymoshenko is practical and healthy enough to take control is also unknown. For now is seems a call for elections have been declared to occur on May 25th.

The decision to hold elections was set by the Ukrainian Parliament, stating the President is no longer capable of fulfilling his duties. Lieutenants of Ms. Tymoshenko were sent in to help maintain control and order. Oleksandr V. Turchynov, a strong supporter of Ms. Tymoshenko had majority control in the Parliament and was instrumental in whipping the votes for declaring the President unfit.  Ms. Tymoshenko, who had been imprisoned for political reasons by Yanukovych, since 2010, is considered a martyr for the cause of Pro-Western Ukrainians as claimed by protesters, and gave a speech in the square to thunderous applause and praises of her name. For now, until Yanukovych attempts any actions or seeks to raise more support it would appear that Ukraine, at least Kiev and its West, have been liberated, with their seemingly beloved former, and possibly next, Prime Minister, Ms. Tymoshenko released and already rallying the people of this country in turmoil.

By Emanuel F. Camacho

NY Times
The Washington Post

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