Usher Step Son Killer Brought to Justice


The man accused of killing Kile Glover, pop star Usher’s 11-year-old step-son was convicted of homicide today bringing this tragic story justice. Jeffery Hubbard, a family friend of Kile’s father Ryan Glover, was driving a jet ski in July 2012 on Lake Lanier in Georgia when he ran directly into an inner tube holding Kile Glover and his friend, Jordan Shepp.

Kile remained unconscious after the incident and died days later due to severe head injuries. The other boy, then 15 years old, was seriously injured. The Hall Country jury today found Hubbard guilty on five counts: reckless operation, unlawful operation of personal watercraft, boat traffic violation, serious injury by vessel and homicide by vessel.

Defense lawyers argued Hubbard unsuccessfully tried to avoid the children. What happened, they said, was only an accident and not a homicide. Kile’s step-mother, Marsha Glover, said differently in court.

Marsha Glover supported the homicide charges, insisting through tears that Hubbard was driving recklessly.

“He was….zooming back and forth,” she said, “yelling with no hands standing on the jet ski. Just really crazy.”

Glover and her husband Ryan watched breathlessly as they saw Hubbard flying out of control, heading directly toward their son.

“[B]efore I knew it, there was a…cloud of water,” she said. “My husband immediately jumped in the water…[and] I was on the phone with 911, our kids are in the water.”

Both children were pulled out the water, but Kile did not respond. An aircraft fervently rushed the children to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. Kile was pronounced brain-dead on July 8 and after being taken on life support, died July 21.

Kile’s lifeless body was brought to Wieuca Baptist Church in Georgia in a horse-drawn carriage for his funeral July 28, 2012. The mourners filled the small, white church to say goodbye to a boy too young to be dead.

The funeral program included a sobering message from Kile’s iPhone to his family sent while on vacation. “Hello from paradise,” he said, “wishing you were here.”

The courtroom was a mix of sadness and anger towards the man who killed Kile, but a moment of tenderness was found when Usher embraced Kile’s mother and his ex-wife in order to console her in the journey of justice for their son.

Tameka Raymond, Kile’s biological mother, was married to entertainer Usher for two years. The couple became divorced in 2009 and was in a heated courtroom custody battle over their two children Raymond V, then six, and Naviyd, then five, when Kile was killed.

Usher was awarded primary custody of both children. On Aug. 5, 2013, nearly a year after the accident that took Kile’s life, Usher’s oldest son, Usher V, was placed in the ICU after getting caught in a pool drain at Usher’s home.

An emergency custody hearing request was filed with the Fulton County Superior Court the next day. Many believed after Kile’s death, the accident involving Usher V was veritable proof that the entertainer was an unfit parent unable to supervise his own children.

A hearing on Aug. 9, 2013 determined the event was an accident and Usher retained the custody rights for both of his biological sons. However, the tragic killing of Usher’s stepson, Kile, ended in justice today.

By Erin P. Friar


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