Valentine’s Day ‘This American Life’ Google Doodle Truly Beautiful

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is certainly not everyone’s favorite holiday. Some call it a ploy for companies to make money with hiked up flower and chocolate prices. Others call it “Singles Awareness Day.” Regardless, the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle featuring This American Life is truly beautiful.

Deep down, irrespective of what Valentine’s Day really is, it should be about love. It is often forgotten in the retail madness, prix fixe menus and candy hearts of the holiday. But this time it is brought to life in those little candy hearts as the Google Doodle. This American Life paired with Google to create six micro-stories that embody love and all the emotions that come along with that experience including: doubt, pain and euphoria.

This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass is a weekly hour-long radio show that is broadcast on Fridays. It tells stories based on a theme, usually, of the lives of ordinary Americans with incredible stories, but not always. The This American Life website even says that it is “sort of hard to describe.” The show can be listened to in many different ways from on the radio to from the app to streaming online, among others.

In order to listen to today’s special micro-stories, simply go to the Google homepage and click on the “First Kiss” candy heart that shakes – or any of them for that matter. Ira Glass introduces the Google Doodle and then, it might be a good idea to listen to all the stories.

The candy hearts expand once they are clicked and tell the mini stories accompanied with these stick figure graphics that add an innocence that really completes each of the stories. Also, underneath the voices are original scores by composer Roger Neill who writes music for movies and TV shows. It is close to imperceptible, but without it, there would definitely be a void. The music generates stories that are that much more moving.

Google Doodle’s are always very creative, clever and informative. This goes above and beyond all of that. This Valentine’s Day Google Doodle by “This American Life” is truly and uniquely beautiful, just like every love story. The little Google Doodle hearts really give a taste of the heart and soul of This American Life. They did all of this in six less than one-minute stories and they made a seventh one, but because Google only has six letters, they had to cut one. It can be found on the This American Life blog.

This Google Doodle came to life after Ira visited the Google headquarters in California this past November and met with the Google Doodle team. Ira said that he saw a mirror of his staff in those of Google Doodle and there was a general idea that they should collaborate together. Under a tough time constraint of three months, they came up with something that is incredible.

Love is not supposed to be generic and it never is. Every love story is different with its own lightness and darkness and its own purpose. This Google Doodle helps to ease the generic-ness of the holiday, eliminating the red roses and boxes of chocolates, while transforming the iconic candy hearts into the six truly beautiful love stories that are now captured in the Valentine’s Day This American Life Google Doodle.

By Rebecca Hofland

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