Valentine’s Day, World Condom Day and STDs More Deadly Than AIDS [Video]

STDs remains long after the bliss of Valentine's Day is goneValentine’s Day is a day when love tends to dominate the air ofttimes allowing sexually transmitted diseases (STD) free rein throughout the night. While many are anticipating chocolate and flowers others will join in celebration of World Condom Day and give out free condoms while enjoying safe sex awareness events across 13 countries during this season of “love.”

World Condom Day is now being observed in conjunction with Valentine’s Day to promote safe sex during one of the most active sex days of the year. The theme for this celebration is “Love is the Best Protection.”

The theme is designed to spread the message of love as a means to prevent HIV/AIDS and other STDs. The best way to show love for one’s self and others is to choose to use a condom. This not only protects against unwanted pregnancies but it improves sexual health and protects against HIV and other STDs. The celebration aims to ensure greater access to free condoms while educating people on the importance of consistently opting for safer sexual contact. The correct use of condoms is the only form of protection which will help stop the spread of STDs.

Exports have reported that a new STD has emerged which may be more deadly than AIDS. This super-bug, if not harnessed, can cause a massive epidemic. Reports say this STD is a strain of gonorrhea which is resistant to antibiotics and more aggressive than the HIV virus. This strain of STD has the power to kill within days.

Reportedly this type of STD kills half of the people exposed to it and infects one in 20 hospital patients. This increases the potential to infect the public and raises the threat of an outbreak to levels of extreme emergency. William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors, said it is an emergency situation that is only getting more hazardous as time moves on.

Alan Christianson who is a doctor of naturopathic medicine believes this new strain of STD has the power to cause more fatalities than the AIDS virus. Christianson said getting a strain of this gonorrhea might put a person into septic shock and death within days. He said it is catastrophic because it has the power to kill more than the 30 million people worldwide who have already died due to AIDS-related reasons. Gonorrhea, like most STDs, is usually transmitted when people indulge in unsafe or unprotected sexual contact.

Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for people who are already living with STDs. There are more than 110 million people in the United States alone and well over 400 million people worldwide who suffer from the effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Whether they have HIV, Herpes 1 or 2, Human Papillomavirus or any other STD, Valentine’s Day is often the day that receives blame for the spread many of these STDs; when safe sexual contact was overlooked.

There are safe havens for people with STDs such as Many people who suffer with STDs have been known to find solace and love through this exclusive community. Not only do they have online counselors and loads of information on STD medical treatments it is also a community of love where no one is discriminated against or rejected.

STDs have been known to cause serious medical complications such as sterility in men, infertility in women, debilitating pain and life threatening heart infections. There are other STDs that are more commonly called “sexually transmitted infections” because they do not have recognizable symptoms and can be easily passed on because the carrier is not aware they have an STD.

The good news is people have a better chance at protecting themselves and others from STDs by practicing safe sex. If anyone feels they have put themselves or another at risk they can still receive the treatments they need by getting tested.

The purpose of Condom Day is to educate people before they contract a STD. Valentine’s Day has long been known as a day of love seeking and love-making. Condom Day is not intended to hinder the love celebration; instead the many who support this day want to make the celebration of love safe.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14. It is a festival of love and romance where many people give gifts to those they love. Condom Day supporters want to make sure fewer people receive the gift of an STD on that date as well as any other by educating the masses and giving them free condoms.

With new reports of an STD more deadly than AIDS the goal of Valentine’s Day should be to recognize World Condom Day by remembering the theme “Love is the Best Protection.” The best way to show love for one’s self and others is to use a condom in efforts of reducing the transmittal STDs.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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