Violin Recovered From Milwaukee Attic

Violin Recovered From Milwaukee AtticIn recent news, the enigma surrounding a 300-year-old Stradivarius Violin has finally been solved. Milwaukee police have recently confirmed that they have recovered the violin worth millions from the attic of a Milwaukee home.

Last month the violin known as “ex-Lipinski” was taken from  violinist Frank Almond following a stun-gun attack. With the violin being worth an estimated $5 million, the incident had many curious about the instrument’s whereabouts. According to Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, the discovery of the violin came as a result of an inside tip concerning information about the violin heist. In addition, the Milwaukee Police Chief noted, “The violin was discovered in a suitcase in a Milwaukee attic, and was recovered in great condition. We are currently awaiting official experts to examine the instrument.”

When discussing those involved in the heist, Flynn disclosed that there were three individuals that have been taken into custody for the robbery of the Stradivarius violin. The thieves were described by Flynn as two men in their late thirties to early forties, and one woman in her early thirties. Flynn also mentioned that Milwaukee police further suspected that there is the possibility that an unknown art thief might have been involved; one that would have had the knowledge to identify the historic violin. With this factor taken into consideration, it has also been reported that the FBI is working with the Milwaukee police on the case.  In regard to those involved in the robbery,  Flynn concluded by saying that at this time there are no charges at this time.

Prior to the the recovery of the violin, the orchestra that the violin had been stolen from had recently offered a reward of $100,000 for the return of the instrument. The violin that was stolen from Almond was reported to be a Stradivarius violin made in 1715, that once belonged to the Italian violin maker Luthier Antonio Stradivarius himself. In addition, the violin was then passed down to  the Polish performer Karol Lipinski, hence “ex-Lipinski,” which further adds to the historical value of the stolen violin. Also, the fact that there are only 660 remaining Stradivarius violins remaining out of the 1,150 made only adds to the reason why there is a $5 million price tag attached to the instrument.

According to David Bosney, who is a violin maker stationed in New York, “This violin has a high value as both an important instrument and recognizable piece of art. It is a work of art that could never be replaced. In a sense, it’s like how there are numerous sculptures, but there is only one Michelangelo. The same holds true for the Stradivarius.” Although the news of the recovery of the violin from a Milwaukee attic has many relieved, Almond has yet to be reunited with the prized possession. However, it has been reported that the violinist has expressed his relief especially as the violin was on loan.

As for the suspects, Milwaukee police are still unsure as to what role each suspect played in the robbery. Furthermore, they are still unsure as to what the clear motive was. However, they are positive that there will be at least one arrest made by the end of the week.

By Aaron Weis



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