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Internet Downloads of Flappy Bird Continue to Soar

InternetFlappy Bird, the widely popular mobile download for Android and iOS, is continuing to take the Internet by storm and soar past its competitors. One of the main reasons Flappy Bird has grown so popular over the past month is because the game is downloadable for everyone’s favorite price, free.

The game was originally released in May of 2013, but it didn’t see a rise in Internet downloads and popularity until the New Year. At the end of January 2014, Flappy Birds was at the top of the list of free downloaded games in both the American and Chinese iTunes app store.

What makes this game’s meteoric rise through the Internet so intriguing is the fact that it made it there without any real marketing or branding. It just sort of went viral out of nowhere, like a video of a dancing puppy would on YouTube.

Flappy Birds has surpassed 50 million total downloads within the iOS apple store and Google Play store. It is the number one game for the iOS in 88 countries and number one on Google Play in 11 countries. While the game is free to download, its ad revenue is earning Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen, nearly $50,000 per day.

The game has even become available as a downloadable flash game on the Internet, so that people without access to iPhones or Androids can continue to watch their Flappy Bird soar from home. So what is it that makes this 8-bit game so appealing to consumers across the globe? Perhaps, it is the sheer simplicity of the gameplay.

In Flappy Birds, the character being controlled is, believe it or not, a bird. The goal is to navigate that bird through a series of randomly placed metal pipes, similar to those found in classic Mario games. To do this, simply tap the screen of the electronic device in hand to make the bird fly higher. When the screen is not being tapped, the bird descends towards the ground, and its ultimate demise.

Make it through as many pipes as possible to increase the score, but if the bird hits a pipe or the ground, the result will be a satisfying “thud” sound effect and the game will restart. The difficulty level of Flappy Birds is through the roof, and is another reason why the game went viral. There have been countless reviews and war stories of consumers describing how they played the game for hours, only to reach a high score of five or six.

Nguyen has stated that the game is simple, and easy to compete against friends with. Nguyen believes that these are the main contributors to the games massive worldwide success. He does not plan on updating or adding any extra features to Flappy Bird; however, Nguyen will continue to develop and create video games because he has stated that it is his passion. Flappy Bird will continue to soar onward for now, but it is only a matter of time before the Internet introduces another viral video or download that will take its place at the head of digital world.

By Eric Kummel


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