Water Love and Masaru Emoto

WaterIs Your Energy Affecting The People Around You?

Most of us can recall an occasion where we have walked into a room when our parents or someone was having an argument, and although they immediately halt upon your entry, there is an undeniable “evil in the air”, and you can certainly feel it. Even someone shouting at you, can often be experienced through your entire body, and often times, can be felt for several hours afterwards. Also we can speak the same for the contrary, perhaps walking into a room where people were meditating, or even playfully joking, and laughing, you might experience a warm welcoming feeling, like when someone hugs you, or tells you they love you. You might be surprised to find out the answer may lie in something as simple and common as Water! That’s right… Water!  We are going to take a further look at the word love and this unique substance we call water and some  experiments done with them by Japanese Doctor Masaru Emoto.

What Could Water Have To Do With The Way I Feel?

Dr. Masaru Emoto

To understand more about this, we are going to look at some mind blowing experiments done by extraordinary author and Alternative Medicine Doctor Masaru Emoto, who is best known for his claims that consciousness has a direct “effect on the molecular structure of water.” You may have seen some of his findings in the 2006 documentary film “What The Bleep Do We Know!?” The doctor first came upon the idea of freezing water and microscopically observing it back in 1994, thinking he might find something like a snow-flake. The experiments consisted of his team trying many different sources of water including plain tap water and river water, to severely polluted water. After several months of experimenting they were finally able to witness amazing ice crystal formations. When taking samples from bodies of water that were located near larger sized cities, or more industrialized zones, they were unable to produce the beautiful crystals like the ones they were able to achieve when taking samples from further remote areas where the water had been more or less left in its natural state and unaffected by man.

Emoto’s experiments consist of exposing glasses of water, and bottles of water to things like music, prayers, and even words that were simply written down, and taped to the bottle, then blast freezing water droplet samples, and examining the resulting ice crystal. What he found was astounding! Dr. Emoto found that there were beautiful and complex geometrical patterns found in the ice crystals where the water had been exposed to love, and other positive elements. The water that was exposed to the negative feelings or words, and even just having the words I hate you taped to the side of the bottle, produced much more distorted looking crystals, completely lacking the beauty and complex geometry of the others. Also in their studies they found that no two crystals were identical. Watch in the video!

After witnessing these results, one can’t help but draw the connection between Dr. Emoto’s experiments, and the fact that our own bodies contain up to 75 percent water. Could it be true that the way humans interact with one another, whether it be verbal or otherwise, can actually affect a person’s own physical wellbeing, and if so could different types of words and feelings projected towards people aid them in sickness, or possibly cause it as some metaphysics professionals have claimed? Dr. Mark Mincolla P.H.D. and author of the book “Whole Health” recently stated on the Dr. Oz Show that “Words produce a matching chemistry neurologically.” In other terms, good words equal good chemistry!

WaterIt should also be noted that not all scientists are in full agreement with Doctor Emoto, and he has been criticized for releasing his findings directly to the public, rather than sharing it first with the greater body of leading scientists for further examination and scrutiny.  However the love and dedication he has committed to his working with  water have affected scores of people, and fans of Masaru Emoto will be forever grateful!

Editorial By, Aaron Thompson


Masaru Emoto

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