Wendy Davis Campaign Trouble

Wendy Davis Contradicts Herself

The Wendy Davis campaign may have some trouble with the truth. Politicians are known for stretching the truth, known for outright lying, and some even get accused of more serious breaches in honesty. However for the gubernatorial candidate in Texas this stretching of the truth has taken its toll. With both sides agreeing that Davis has not exactly been honest about her past. Some are even beginning to question her stance on certain issues. Most notably is Davis’s stance on a 20 week abortion ban. Davis became famous last year for a filibuster over Texas 20 week abortion ban. Now the candidate says that she would support a ban if it deferred more to women and that is why she didn’t support the original ban.

Rich Lowery, in an opinion piece for Politico asks the question, “Does Wendy Davis have a problem with the truth”. He outlines his opinion with various instances in the news lately where Davis has stretched the truth or rather where she has let the media do it for her. Most notably the recent Wayne Slater article for Dallas Morning News that pointed out various inaccuracies about Davis’s past as a single parent working her way through Harvard. Slater wrote that Davis had her tuition paid for by then husband Jeff Davis, and included a quote from Jeff Davis about how the senator served him with divorce papers right after the last loan payment was made. Not exactly the kind of rags to riches story that Davis was hoping would sweep her into the Governor’s mansion.

Conservatives who vilified Davis during the filibuster and shortly after went to twitter when word came out that her life story was not exactly what she made it out to be. Pundits like Ann Coulter were quick to grab on to this story with headlines like “Find a Sugar Daddy to Put You through Law School” and Erik Erikson’s tweet “So abortion Barbie has a sugar daddy Ken”. These tweets and headlines by conservatives may not bring the kind of trouble to the campaign that conservatives hope but Wendy Davis may still be concerned, especially when liberal writers also acknowledge that she has a hard time with the truth.

Peggy Drexler of CNN counters this opinion with one of her own, pointing out that all politicians are essentially dishonest and Davis’s lies simply are not enough to disqualify her from the post of Governor. Drexler argues that more than her dishonesty, the simple fact that Davis is a woman will hurt her campaign the most. She doesn’t hold back in pointing out all of the times when male politicians have behaved in a questionable manner or even outright lied to their constituents. Drexler makes the accusation that these issues do not matter to the voter when the person doing them is a man.

In a recent New York Times article, Robert Draper, points out that prior to the filibuster that made Davis famous she didn’t have an opinion or a stance on abortion. Instead he writes, “that while she not yet allied herself with abortion rights”, or he points out, “at least not any more so than her democratic colleagues”, that Davis saw herself as someone “who had never hesitated to take on Republican adversaries”. Her stance on abortion and the trouble with her past is being brought into the forefront and leaving voters wondering if the Wendy Davis campaign has a problem with telling the truth.

By Rachel Woodruff

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