What Is Apple Cooking up Next?


Apple CEO Tim Cook’s latest remarks about the company’s new categories caused wearable technology enthusiasts to wonder what the enterprise is cooking up next. During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it became clear that manufacturers love smartwatches, especially since they dedicated this trend a whole section dubbed the “Wrist revolution.” Although smartwatches are already ancient history, if a company can revive and revolutionize a domain, that is probably Apple.

Tim Cook offered Wall Street Journal journalist Daisuke Wakabayashi not only an interview, but also a quick peep into the company’s “kitchen” last week, allowing him to shape an answer for the inherent question: “What is Apple cooking up next?” Although Cook shied away from offering too much information, he did imply that the tech company’s plans are great, but also admitted that it takes time before they are publicly revealed. Moreover, co-founder Steve Wozniak shared the same idea when he stated that: “the macro thing for us is making a great product,” thus suggesting that quality prevails and Apple enthusiasts may have to wait a while before they see a new product category.

“A whole new product category doesn’t happen very often,” Wozniak said. “It might happen once a decade.”

However, it became clear that Apple is cooking up something when Cook admitted that the company is working on a new project, but at the same time he kept the distance when stating that “we’re not ready to talk about it.” The only clue he offered was that the enterprise’s end result would be considered a new category by any “reasonable” person. While some people bet on a television branded by Apple or the talked-about iWatch, The New York Times uncovered a meeting between the company’s executives and the Food and Drug Administration reportedly with regard to mobile medical applications.

It is not a secret that Cook is a fitness fan, which can be seen from the regularity with which he wears his Nike FuelBand. Although the CEO of Apple has been on the Nike Board of Directors since 2005, the sports company is reportedly not part of the new project. Cook believes that the future belongs to all sorts of wearables and considers them “profoundly interesting,” but he also revealed the fact that wearing something on the wrist is a habit that each person has, therefore it became natural. However, sources say that the upcoming smartwatch is not necessarily an iWatch, but a health monitoring device. A surrogate watch for the possessor’s iPhone is expected, but Apple could have something else in store for its clients, namely a fitness product.

9to5Mac broke the news on January 31 that the tech company’s new product is dubbed “Healthbook” and it could be launched at the same time with iOS eight. Rumors say that this new gadgets is a blend between hardware and software and it will reportedly be able to monitor the possessor’s fitness and health. The news is also fueled by Apple’s latest hirings which feature people from all domains like fashion, health, fitness and medical. Therefore, many voices from the tech world urge people not to call this company’s next invention a watch, because if rumors come true, the coveted answer to the question “What is Apple cooking up next?” would probably be synonym with the next generation of smartwatches.

By Gabriela Motroc


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