WHO Important Reminder

In the world of today where many face an outbreak of diseases, the World Health Organization (WHO) feels it necessary to convey an important reminder. Their reminder might not be a new one but it fits the case perfectly, Prevention is always better than cure!

The phrase prevention is better than cure has been repeated on several occasions. Yet for such a common phrase it appears that seldom does anyone take it seriously. The phrase serves as a constant reminder that though an ailment can be treated through a cure, everyone should be cautious enough to never reach a point where they might ever find themselves in need of one. Mankind might be heading towards a new era of technology where a logical solution to any problem can be obtained; the threat to human health still persists and continues to grow. For that very reason it becomes important that everyone remains vigilant and ensure that they possess sound mental and physical health.

One of the most dangerous threats the world faces today is cancer. This is the abnormal growth of cells in the body that leads to several other sorts of disorders. It might have been a new disease once but now it is known and resented by all. Organizations such as WHO try to control the damage as far as possible but even they feel that drastic measures are needed in order to truly gain the upper hand. Cancerous cells spread throughout the body as long as they continue to grow. This means that the threat these cells pose on someone is directly proportional to the duration they remain within their host. For this very reason it becomes necessary that the disease be identified and treated within its early development stage. Alas, if it were only that simple. The problem is that it is often difficult to identify the early stages as the earliest stage is the most harmless of them all. It almost seems like the person is perfectly healthy. It is only when the signs start to show does it become apparent that there might be something wrong but by then it is often too late. For this very reason WHO believes it important to point out and remind everyone that preventing a disease is necessary and simply attempting to cure it is no longer enough.

According to WHO fatalities caused by cancer are expected to increase in the foreseeable future. As such a much more productive method is needed to counter the epidemic. While medication to treat cancer might be present, they are not readily available. Most areas in the world do not have access to hospitals that could provide them with the proper treatment a cancer patient might need. Those who have access to such facilities often find that the cost of treatment is just unbearable. Keeping in mind these very problems it is urged that individuals be made aware of the current epidemic and that they be educated on how to protect themselves from it. Government bodies should put in more effort to supply an adequate supply of vaccines and pass out proactive health policies. This would result in increased immunity and might even help limit the number of people that fall prey to the disease. Individuals should be more careful of what they do and should make it a habit that they every now and then visit a doctor for regular checkups. This way if anything unusual is present with the body, it can be detected right away.

The world might be plagued with a virus but it is very well possible to overcome the obstacle if and only if preventive measures are taken. For this it should be made sure that everyone strives to maintain a sound health and that all steps be taken to ensure that such a calamity can be avoided. WHO’s reminder though important would be pointless if it is not properly implemented. Do not wait till it is too late, act now.

Editorial By Hammad Ali