NASCAR Announces Rules Changes to Penalty Structure


In a press conference held Tuesday morning, NASCAR officials announced some changes to the penalty structure and appeals process for the 2014 season. The conference was held by Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR Executive Vice President, Racing Operations along with Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President, Competition and Racing Development. The outlined changes involved an adjustment to the appeals process. A re-structuring of the penalty structure, including a name change which now calls it a “deterrent system,” was also outlined.

This new deterrent system for NASCAR has infractions divided up into six levels, ranging from P1 to P6, with progressively more significant penalties being imposed for each. In addition, a ‘repeat offender” clause has been included which will impose a 50 percent higher penalty for second offenses at the same or higher level in the structure as the first offense. For example, a first offense on a level P4 offense would see a second offense of P4 or higher carry the higher penalty. While it was stressed that all issues would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, the stated goal of these changes is to provide an “effective, fair, and transparent” process.

As the details of the new program are clarified in more detail, further information will continue to be available.

By Jim Malone



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