Woody Allen Attacked With Molestation Accusations by Step-Daughter

Woody Allen

Dylan Farrow is tired of the relentless love and support Hollywood has for Woody Allen. In an open letter, Dylan calls for people to not ignore what was first brought to light in 1993. Woody Allen was attacked in the letter with molestation accusations from when his then step-daughter was only seven years old.

Described in brutally honest detail, Dylan Farrow paints a picture of a very sick man taking advantage of an cluelessly innocent little girl. Farrow opens the letter with how the beloved filmmaker took her up to the second floor attic and told her to play her with brother’s train set while he sexually assaulted her. Farrow goes on about how Allen would routinely make her get under his bed’s covers while he was in nothing but his underwear. The haunted woman writes about how Allen would even place his head in her naked lap and breath heavily on her genitalia.

The letter speaks about Farrow’s experiences throughout her mother Mia’s very public separation from the esteemed filmmaker. Farrow asks of Cate Blanchett and Louis CK, two stars of Allen’s latest film Blue Jasmine, what if had been their daughters instead of her. Dylan mentions how Allen’s name will not cause her to fall apart any longer. She ends the letter with how Allen is a living testament to how society fails the victims of sexual abuse. These molestation accusations attacking Woody Allen by his step-daughter comes after Blue Jasmine received three Academy award nominations.

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen first began their relationship in early 1980. Though they never married and kept separate homes, they had one biological child, Satchel Farrow, and jointly adopted Dylan and Moshe Farrow. Allen did not adopt any other of Farrow’s eleven children including Soon-Yi Farrow Previn. Mia Farrow and Woody Allen famously split when Farrow said she discovered nude photos Allen had taken of Soon-Yi from when the girl was only twenty years old.

It was during the custody battle for their three children when Mia Farrow first alleged that Allen had sexually molested their adopted daughter Dylan. The judge in the case eventually found that the charges with inconclusive. A sworn statement given by family doctor, Dr. John Leventhal, swears Dylan’s statements as a child contradict each other. The doctor added that the view of Allen as an evil and sick man was spread throughout the Farrow household; therefore, it is quite possible and also medically probable that Dylan got stuck in the story over time due to her close relationship with her mother.

In the editor’s note at the beginning of the open letter, Nicholas Kristof notes that this is the first time that Dylan has discussed the traumatic events in public. Representatives for Allen have yet to issue a comment on the open letter. The molestation accusations that Woody Allen’s step-daughter has attacked him with are sure to once again raise public debate over whether it is ever right to separate the artist from their art.

By Benjamin Murray


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