Astrophysicist Believes Humans Were Last to Evolve in Universe

Astrophysicist Believes Humans Were Last to Evolve in Universe

Abraham Loeb, who is an astrophysicist at Harvard University, has put out his theory on the origins of life, and he believes that humans were one of the last beings to evolve in the universe. His research states that about 15 million years after the Big Bang occurred; there could have been alien microorganisms which had endured.

Loeb stated that when the universe was around 15 million years old, the cosmic warm up in the background had a temperature of a hot summer day on Earth. If any rocky planets were in existence at that time, then the warm up might have been able to keep their surface areas hot even if they were not considered to be located in in the livable zone that was around their own personal star. The usual scientific thinking was that the first stars were created out of helium and hydrogen. There were not any of the elements which are considered heavy that would have helped in the formation of planets.

Loeb thought of basic questions such as what if there had been some heavy elements. There could have been giant stars exploded and then discharging them. Any planets which could have resulted from any of these eruptions would have relished the heat of cosmic radiation. As a result, water could have been present and life forms might have been present.

His theory has put into question the older belief about the idea of “Goldilocks Zones”. These were thought to be regions of the universe that were said to be just the perfect distance from private stars, so they were never too warm, never too cold, but just right, in order for the presence of liquid water to have been present.

Yet, how does anyone actually know that the astrophysicist’s theory could even be possible correct, or have any amount of truth inside it? Loeb states that he has searched for planets that have atmospheric bio-signatures which are close to stars that have low amounts of metallicity located inside the Milky Way galaxy or even smaller galaxy satellites.

At the heart of all this, if astronomers happen to discover planets that are near stars which only contain a few of the heavy elements, then these could have been comparable to the planets that developed at the beginning of the universe. However trying to learn just what might or might not have happened billions of years ago is definitely not something that is easy.

Loeb is getting a lot of positive attention from his fellow astronomers. They believe that he could be onto something but no one is absolutely sure as of yet just what that is. The astrophysicist wants to test his theory. He believes that water could have existed in quite a few more places than was ever first thought, so if that is the case it is unknown what type of alien species could have possibly existed in the eras that have passed. It also makes one think about if possibly who or what might be out in space today.

Regardless, Abraham Loeb thinks that humans were one of the last beings to evolve in the universe.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Czerny   February 2, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    I don’t think there is any reason to doubt that we are the newest form of life to achieve sentience, We are on a backwater planet of and outlying star. The human race has been around for a mere 200,000 years which is an eyeblink in the timeline of the Universe. Hundreds of thousands of other species could have arisen, evolved, achieved spaceflight and died off for any number of reasons just in our own galaxy long before the first creature crawled out of the primordial seas on Earth.

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