Woody Allen’s Toy Story

Woody AllenWoody Allen’s toy story is the sexual abuse alleged by Dylan Farrow when she was seven years old. The renewal of allegations came as the result of Allen receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes last month. Both she and Mia Farrow opposed Allen’s ability to receive such an award after his behavior with Dylan and with Soon-Yi Previn.

Connecticut authorities have no plans on investigating any further, since at the original complaint Mia did not want to press charges in order to save Dylan, who was said to be too sensitive from dealing with a trial and testimony. Mark Dupois, a representative of Connecticut’s Criminal Division said, “We have no pending investigation. If we were to receive a complaint, we would review it, as we do with any complaint, and take the appropriate action.”

The letter to the New York Times gave an alleged recount of the story Dylan told her mother some 21 years ago. It involves being led by Allen to an attic room and being told to play with a toy train while Allen sexually molested her, according to Dylan. She also complained that it started a long-term pattern of abuse.

In 1993 Frank Maco, Litchfield County State Attorney, was accused of prejudicing the ongoing custody fight between Allen and Mia Farrow by making an accusation without formal charges. The move then seemed to be a way to keep Allen from being a custodial parent to Dylan.

An actual complaint to the courts at this time would probably not prevail, since the statute of limitations has passed. It is a family tragedy, whether or not the abuse took place. Dylan believes it happened and because of it lives anonymously assuming another name. Woody Allen’s toy story is not one easily avoided. The fact of his relationship with Soon-Yi, which reportedly began when she was 19-years-old gives him a reputation for seducing the younger lady.

Allen responded through a representative with an unequivocal denial of any wrongdoing toward Dylan. “Mr. Allen has read the article and found it untrue and disgraceful…it is essential that your coverage make the following facts clear: at the time, a thorough investigation was conducted by court-appointed independent experts. The experts concluded there was no credible evidence of molestation.”

According to Dylan, “Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse.”

Aaron Brady, of the New Inquiry, believes that Allen’s continued success and accolades, is an example of our “rape culture,” in that we can ignore criminal misbehavior in our Hollywood and New York stars. Of course, Brady’s thoughts are predicated on the truth of Dylan’s accusations against Allen.

A last look at what Dylan’s motivations might be would take us to the attic again, where no one witnessed what she is alleging took place. Clearly, she has not been able to heal or forgive her past tormentors, identified at this time as Allen.

Woody Allen’s toy story is one that keeps popping up, like a Jack in the Box with a faulty latch.

By Lisa M Pickering

Las Vegas Sun
BBC News

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