Xbox One Improves With the Addition of Twitch in March Update [Video]

Xbox One Twitch March Update Titanfall

The Xbox One receives an update March 11 which will influence the way you interact with friends on the system. The layout has been changed for efficiency, making it possible to see your friends list with three button pushes or one voice command. Another big improvement in this update is the addition of Twitch and easy streaming without any additional hardware or software. Other small tweaks (such as party chat being turned on by default) have made this update even more impressive.

Livestreaming will now become possible with this new update. All those people making let’s play videos and speedruns have the ability to easily do so one the Xbox One without any additional hardware. Thanks to the new Twitch app the system can begin streaming with the new voice command, “Xbox, broadcast.” Also available with this Twitch app is the ability to archive favorite broadcasts directly to the Twitch database. Players can even join an in-game party being broadcasted and participate in the fun.

The Xbox One is slowly tackling the features it tried to have available at launch. Twitch is also very happy about the additional features added in the March update. Twitch marketing master, Matthew DiPietro, commented on the matter by saying, “The Twitch community finally gets the final piece to the puzzle.” The addition of Twitch is not only beneficial to gamers but also to publishers. As the Xbox One Twitch app gets more use, more games will become watched and enjoyed. As a publisher or developer, having new people see your game is what keeps you alive.

Twitch has the potential to grow even more with the addition of this app. Currently, Twitch has more than 1 million people adding their own videos monthly and 45 million unique viewers every month. Twitch is not focused on making the Xbox One the biggest Twitch partner, they are focused on expanding gaming and creating a community across multiple platforms.

This Xbox One update has changed and added a lot of features where friends are concerned. Party chat is now on by default and cross gaming chat has been improved. When sending invites to friends you now have the option to send an invite to the game being played, chat, or both. The menu has also been changed slightly to allow for faster access of the online friends list.

Because the Xbox One allows players to have 1,000 friends, a priority system has been added allowing friends to be added to a “favorites” list. New shortcuts and a search bar have been added. When trying to find new friends on the Xbox One the updated autocomplete features brings up available players after only a few letters. The recent players list shows past players you’ve interacted with in case you want to add or report them.

The update for this Xbox One release date coincides with the release date of Titanfall (which is the reason for all of the multiplayer fixes). The update is free and available March 11. The Xbox One can now easily stream gameplay via Twitch.

By Garrett Jutte
Venture Beat

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