The Following: Fly Away Love Hurts

*May Contain Spoilers*

The Following: Fly Away Love Hurts

Episode 6 of season 2 The Following: Fly Away continues with the evolution of Joe Carroll, Ryan Murphy and all those peripheral characters affected by their own brand of obsession and can really be summed by that old song title Love Hurts. The overall theme of this weeks episode seems to focus on how each camp’s followers – Camp Carroll and Camp Murphy – are affected by the chaotic and murderous activity which they are all engaged in.

While last week’s show featured what must be the best line ever in the series to date: Emma to Joe, “You realize that they’re all crazy right?” This from the girl whose Hostess Twinkie is missing a lot of its gooey middle. In Fly Away events from last week are peaking. Gisele’s death, at the hands of Ryan, shows how great the difference is between Lily’s murderous, and mad as a hatter, twins. Ryan is getting repaired by Max and even this “level-headed” cop is getting caught up in her uncle’s mad obsession with Carroll. Calling Mike Weston, who is just as transfixed on getting Joe as Murphy, the wounded Ryan tells Mike that he’s found the entire Lily clan and Joe. Weston’s instructions are to inform the FBI and get the troops lined up to descend on the crazed and homicidal family.

Lily is still attempting to control Joe, which he does not like, and she tells him of an escape plan which entails flying into Venezuela where she has contacts. This international nutcase also reveals that the country does not have a full extradition policy with the U.S. and that he’ll be safe there. Carroll is not overly enthusiastic about this little plan and Lily does not notice as she is too busy setting things up and controlling her twin sons and dealing with the death of Giselle. As a result of Lily having to take charge, she does not notice that Joe is not following her plan with an enthusiasm. Luke has a mini melt-down and Lily, who is after all the Queen Bee of this psychotic brood, takes charge after telling both the twins that they should have told her Murphy was in the mix.

The Following: Fly Away shows just how far Mike Weston has invested his own obsession with getting Carroll. Weston, can also be added to the category of love hurts; as he himself is a devoted fanboy of Ryan Murphy and has his own version of love for the driven Murphy.Once the FBI agent shows up, he informs the other two members of the “Catch Carroll” trio that the FBI has been “compromised” and that he has not brought the cavalry with him as asked. Weston also still has issues from his kidnap and torture by Carroll’s followers and his physical violence toward Lily’s son, which includes a great home run smack with a 2X4 to Luke’s head has intensified as has his obvious hate towards all who follow Joe.

Joe finally admits to Emma that he has no faith in Lily’s plan and he wants to team back up with the remaining member of his first group of followers. In actuality, Carroll knows that he can continue to manipulate Emma, unlike Lily who has the firm upper hand in their relationship. The level of violence by the “good guys” increases exponentially and by the end of the episode, bodies fall and Lily swears revenge on Murphy and it seems that Ryan and his little troop will now have two “big bads” to deal with in future. Add to this newest influence the fact that both of Murphy’s helpers have quite possibly ruined their respective careers in law enforcement and the underlying theme that love hurts seems appropriate.

The introduction of Lily and her international house of psychos was a welcome addition to this suspenseful thriller. While previous episodes managed to lose that shockable factor that featured so heavily in the first season, things pick up in this segment and as fatalities increase and betrayal becomes the catchphrase of this episode, The Following picks its pace up and surges forward. Fly Away ends with quite a few members of the Carroll camp finding that unconditional love hurts, so much so that it can kill. Murphy’s gang or crusaders are also heading for a big fall as it does seem that, as Weston said, the FBI has been compromised. This week saw a return to the taut, crisp style of season 1 that made for edge of the seat viewing. Carroll reverts to form when telling Lily that her dead son was not a favorite of his anyway. Classic Carroll combined with increased madness from Team Murphy; this show does not disappoint and is almost compulsive viewing. Let the madness continue.

By Michael Smith



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