UFO Hoaxers Prepare Large-Scale Drone Launch


The UFO community and their claims of alien sightings is already a highly controversial topic, filled both with naysayers and believers. Naysayers often claim any supposed sightings of UFOs are all either hoaxes or people mistaking them for common items such as airplanes or Chinese lanterns. In an age where almost everyone carries a smartphone with a high-definition video camera in their pocket, they ask “Why is all UFO footage either blurry or shaky?” The believers on the other hand say that there have just been far too many sightings over centuries for all of them to be fake and many believers even claim to have witnessed a UFO sighting first-hand. The believers and those interested in Ufology are going to have their hands full in April as hoaxers are preparing a massive prank, by launching flashy drones into the sky around the world in a large-scale attempt to fool many people into thinking that the apocalypse has come at last.

Why might this prank be cause for alarm? The UFO community often finds themselves under scrutiny and not being able to be taken seriously by mainstream media or scientists. In fact, Dr. Edward U. Condon who was the director of the Colorado Project, came to the conclusion in his 1968 UFO report that UFO research cannot be justified because there is no reason to expect science will be advanced by focusing their efforts on the subject. What little scientific study has gone into researching the matter has often been scoffed at for not being taken seriously.

For instance, “Project Blue Book,” which was a group formed by the U.S. Air Force and put in charge of investigating UFOs (it was shut down in 1969) has had their research considered either unprofessional or unscientific. The group investigated 12,618 UFO sightings and left 701 of them as “unidentified.” This did not mean they were alien in nature, it only meant that they could not be readily identified as aircraft, meteorites or any other recognizable object. Critics of Project Blue Book say that there was absolutely no way that such a small team actually put any worthwhile investigation into that many UFO sightings. Interestingly enough, two years ago, Col. Robert Friend the former director for Project Blue Book recommended that science should continue to look into the UFO mystery.

The hoaxers, who are preparing their large-scale drone launch intend to do so worldwide on April 5 and hover the brightly colored objects (wrapped in LED lighting) in various locations around the world. Dubbed “The Big UFO Project,” the goal is to cause panic around the world with fear of a global apocalypse taking place. In a way, it could be similar to the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast that caused mass panic back in 1938 in the U.S. The difference is that this time the panic would be “social” in nature and filled with countless YouTube uploads, Tweets and Facebook posts on a global scale.

While the naysayers might consider UFO research to be a joke and a waste of resources, the believers have very powerful reasons and backers to support claims that the subject is incredibly worth studying. The International UFO Conference 2014, which took place earlier in February had 20 powerful speakers including one of NASA’s own retired Astrobiologists who had been with the organization for 46 years. Richard Hoover gave a fantastic presentation and later, a video interview on why alien life absolutely exists and how traces of it have been found on meteorites that have impacted Earth. On May 9, 2001, the National Press Club hosted “The Disclosure Project,” which had 19 high-ranking witnesses come forward and deliver their testimony about encounters with UFOs. Many of the speakers were from the U.S. Air Force, military and NASA. There was even an Attorney who stated she would lose her legal license if this was a hoax since she was supporting the matter .

While it may be nothing more than a harmless prank, the hoaxers large-scale UFO drone launch that they are preparing will only add more scrutiny and reason to scoff at a subject that many people are fighting to have taken far more seriously than it is today.

Editorial by Jonathan Holowka

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