Yahoo Email Hacked Theft of Usernames Passwords Reset

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Feeling exhausted lately by the Yahoo email issues? Join the club. In a recent hack that stemmed from an unnamed third party, users are facing an ugly fact within the past 24 hours. Time to reset the passwords, additionally usernames may had been stolen. Yahoo is forcibly requiring affected users to reset and add a second layer of protection to their account. This is the same email provider that put Google on Twitter blast when Gmail experienced issues last week.

Yahoo has not released how many user accounts were affected. The company has 81 million email accounts within the United States with a cumulative 273 million around the globe. The second largest digital email platform is still reeling from their December outage which slammed paid and free accounts into a zone of no access. It appears the Yahoo issue of the month resides with a darker intent.

Senior VP of Platforms and Personalization Products, Jay Rossiter called the hack part of a greater problem, stating hack attacks are becoming more of a “regular occurrence.” Rossiter also assures its millions of users, Yahoo immediately jumped on the malware that infiltrated their systems. The findings reviewed by Rossiter and security teams exposed that not only were passwords lifted, but usernames were as well. The company states the findings are within the hands of the federal government to track down the hackers behind the malware attack.

If users, regardless they are Yahoo, Gmail, MS Outlook, etc. receive emails from a Yahoo account that look suspicious, send it immediately to spam or trash it.  The emails may show as “Re:” or “Fw:” and even include a friendly “Hi! I advise,” to that degree can be expected. The message would be waiting for the user to open it, releasing a malware that becomes a contagious mess. If in doubt, contact the sender directly to verify if a message was sent and its details.

Last month, Guardian Liberty Voice published an article on the most obvious passwords not to use and how to stay secure (see link at end of article). The breach can be a scary one for users who maintain the same password, not only for email accounts but for more sensitive items like online banking, credit card accounts or photo accounts. It is imperative users vary their passwords and keep copies of the password, if they should forget, in areas of the home where other personal information resides.

The idea of security seems like a great one, but surprisingly millions of people do not invest in the next step to protect their identity. Identities to hackers are pure profit – therefore, each user should treat every transaction as gold. Had gold bars been passed back and forth for trade, consider the steps consumers would take to prevent thieves from stealing their gold. The same mindset must be applied when handling email information, which can open new avenues of theft. Have credit card, home phone and school bills emailed instead of paper billed? If so, this is where changing all passwords contained is essential.

Yahoo has acknowledged their systems were hacked by a third party. In part of this attack, both usernames and passwords were compromised. If possible, it may be best to start a brand new Yahoo account. If not possible, be sure to reset the password – even if not affected – and add a secondary layer of protection. If a cell phone is added, here is a snippet of advice: the email provider will only send you a password or confirmation. If a user ever receives a text from an unknown number advising “reply here to confirm your identity,” do not reply. It would give a third party hacker access fully to your account. Take the proper security measures to decline the chances of being hacked.


Angelina Bouc

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3 Responses to "Yahoo Email Hacked Theft of Usernames Passwords Reset"

  1. Sam   February 3, 2014 at 7:18 am

    I have now downloaded an E-mail program ( like Eudora, or Microsoft Outlook ) Never again will I get stuck and lose my contacts and messages to the likes of such incompetence as Yahoo shows.

    Get a new CEO, PLEASE! or just go bankrupt straight away without all this circus.

  2. Sam   February 3, 2014 at 7:05 am

    Just tried to “sign up for a “new account” Yahoo will not accept me for their e-mail without giving my mobile phone number !! So I can’t have a Yahoo account, because Yahoo has clearly shown it is incompetent to secure the data the get from users.

    Go try and sign up – it rejected my home/skype number

    Yahoo looks like a failure in process to bankruptcy.

  3. Sam   February 3, 2014 at 6:51 am

    4th day – no Customer Care – 5hours on the phone hold, NO response from E-Mail customer care. Yahoo appears to not only have been permanently hacked, it as well, has lost its Customer Care Department. Whoever that CEO is, she’s totally incompetent for such a corporation as Yahoo. Its become a total FAIL

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