20 Strangers First Kiss by Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva [Video]

First Kiss

Tatia Pilieva must really be enjoying the fact that her first video called “First Kiss” uploaded to her YouTube channel just yesterday, has gone explosively viral. With over 3 million views, and getting pretty close to four, one would only imagine Pilieva breaking out the champagne. Pilieva is a filmmaker who asked twenty beautiful strangers to kiss each other for the very first time. The black and white video is absolutely breathtaking. It’s one of those videos that eyes don’t veer away from, not for a second.

The premise is simple, two people at a time standing in front of each other, wondering who is going to make the first move. Some young, some older, some gay, some straight. One can’t help but smile, watching the awkwardness of it all. The nervous laughter, the shy smiles, the fidgeting, but that all soon disappears once they get close and just go for it.

Watching two people kiss for the first time is passionately inspiring, it simply takes one’s breath away and it was a really great idea for a video/short documentary/research film. Whatever this is, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Not much information is given in the description box of the video. Too bad for the some 3 thousand subscribers who can’t wait to see what Pilieva will post next.

Ask Men magazine listed their top ten ways to give a great first kiss. All ten are reasonably good suggestions, however, their tenth suggestion is something that none of the strangers in Pilieva’s video did – to do it in private. The kiss subjects were in front of a camera, and that was probably Pilieva’s voice that people could hear at the beginning, maybe there were others there too? Lighting people? Who knows? Either way, it proves that being in front of other people when kissing someone for the first time, won’t make it any less passionate.

Entertainment comes in all forms, and this three and a half-minute video has a lot of people talking and sharing online. Are movie trailers shared this often? Viewers seem to be much more moved by this viral romantic short, than most romantic comedy’s out there right now. There’s something to be said for watching what’s pure and real, and not scripted in any way. People want to be affected, it’s what drives them and inspires them to search for more in their own lives. Which is what filmmaker Pilieva has achieved so effortlessly here.

After the first kiss is over, the two kissers would stop, look at the director with big puppy dog eyes which gave the impression they needed confirmation of a job well done. “What’s your name again?” seemed to be some common words spoken afterwards, but there was also a need to remain close with their new partners. Some asked for hugs, some kept their arms around each other.

One can’t help but think some of these 20 strangers would make really adorable couples. Perhaps the filmmaker is considering this possibility. If people take their first kiss in a public setting like this, would it be easier, or more difficult to ask for a phone number afterwards? Maybe some of them went out for coffee after the event. What’s great about this film is that it keeps one’s mind active long after the video is over. If any of these people ended up together, a follow-up video might be a really great idea for Pilieva to tackle next.

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