Academy Award Weekend: What Hollywood Feels Like During the Oscars

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As the Academy Award season has approached once again, a lot of people might drift away and wonder, perhaps dream about what Hollywood feels like during the Oscar Weekend. Guardian Liberty Voice’s reporter took a walk out on Hollywood Boulevard as the event is being prepared and the last touches of finesse and detail are being put on, to make for a great event and an entertaining television show.

The city of Los Angeles, as well as all of Southern California, has been plagued by pouring rain, but the weather doesn’t seem to be a hurdle for the vast crowd of people working persistently to make the Academy Award presentation happen, nor the tourists who’ve traveled out to Los Angeles from all over the world, to get a touch of the vibe and atmosphere surrounding Hollywood’s biggest annual event.

As one walks past the shops on the Walk of Fame, the section of Hollywood boulevard where the Academy Award venue, the Dolby Theater, is located, there’s a tight crowd of tourists observing and taking pictures of the happenings. Press representatives from all over the world are also visible shooting video segments for their coverage, and there’s a good chance one might end up on television somewhere in Brazil, Australia, or even India.

The regular street performers and Hollywood tour salesmen don’t appear to feel troubled by the weather as they harness the Academy Award crowd as best they can, as having a successful Oscar weekend is rumored to be highly profitable for the entire duration of the first quarter. Souvenir shops are crowded with people buying little Oscar statues, T-shirts, key rings or other memorabilia for loved ones back home. To some of the people who live in Los Angeles, the smell of the air might feel refreshing, as the rain clears away the regular city smog, but to others, this might be a “stay at home” day.

Located at the Hollywood and Highland Center, a local mall in Hollywood, the Dolby Theater has already been squared off from the public as fences cover a large portion of the street and the action surrounding the preparation work makes most of the building fade and nearly disappear in the background.

The entertainment capital of the world, as it’s often referred to, might in some minds present a peculiar image. It has a very low percentage of skyscrapers and other large buildings and thus, one can see the entire horizon from the street, at a slightly higher point. The architecture appears to be a mix of Spanish influence in addition to several touches and flavors from all across the world, mixed in with the modern-day metropolitan style. Some people one meets say they love it, others can’t stand it, and a handful says they wanna go back to New York.

Among some other things that seemingly could draw someone’s attention is the traffic, as the Hollywood and Highland intersection is one of the busiest of its kind in the city. Some might compare it to a Las Vegas casino, saying it never sleeps. As one walks around, one seems keen to wonder how the weather will be on the night of the Academy Award ceremony, but at least, one could appreciate what the Oscar weekend feels like.

Opinion by Halldor Fannar Sigurgeirsson


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