Airline Travel Could Become Less Popular for Vacations

Airline Travel

With the upcoming summer months approaching very quickly, many have already begun preparations for summer vacations. Preparations for spending an enjoyable summer on vacation at a destination of choice usually begins as early as the previous year, ranging from submitting time off to employers to keeping a watchful eye on the trending price ranges for airline tickets. For years, airline travel has always been one of the more favorable means of transportation in order to enjoy the maximum amount of time at a desired destination, especially for destinations that are located within a substantial amount of distance from the home location. The location of a desired vacation destination, along with the amount of time granted off from work and other obligations, will make a huge difference on the decision for which mode of transportation to choose. However, in light of some of the more recent major events relating to airline travel, traveling by airplane could become less popular for vacations due to possible concerns pertaining to safety and security by travelers.

One recent incident which could be of concern with patrons about airline travel is airport security. On November 1, 2013, there was an incident involving Paul Anthony Ciancia, who was arrested after he allegedly entered the Los Angeles International Airport on a shooting spree, killing one TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officer while also wounding two other officers as well as one passenger. Because Ciancia was able to pass through the security checkpoint at the airport before allegedly beginning the fatal shooting spree, concerns were raised in regards to the security protocols at not only the Los Angeles International Airport, but at all airports across the United States. Another incident that could raise concerns about safe airline travel is the current investigation pertaining to the sudden disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Air Traffic Controllers were unable to locate the jet carrying two hundred and twenty passengers and twelve flight crew after it went missing off of the radar approximately one hour after takeoff.

Furthermore, concerns over frequent reports in regards to aircraft mechanical failures could concern travelers with whether or not to use airline travel while on vacation. On March 13, 2014, US Airways Flight 1702 at Philadelphia International Airport was forced to abort a complete takeoff due to a mechanical issue. The aircraft crashed nose-first into the ground; however, all passengers were able to exit the plane alive. Unfortunately, for several passengers aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, the outcome was not so pleasant. The jetliner was carrying more than three hundred passengers and crew members when it began to sway from side to side as it approached the runway located at the San Francisco International Airport. While traveling closer towards the runway, the aircraft crashed into the ground, breaking off a significant portion of the tail section, and caught fire. Two people were pronounced dead in the crash, while one hundred and eighty-one people were treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries, and five people were listed in critical condition.

The recent events that have happened could have an impact on the use of airline travel for vacations. Putting together the right vacation package requires a significant amount of research to get the most for each dollar spent. The convenience of being able to get from point A to point B in less time than by train or bus has always been a popular selling point for travelers. But as time moves on, airlines may soon see the numbers for leisure travelers opting to prefer the more safe and secure route as opposed to the quickest one for vacations spent far away from home. airline travel.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

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