Alcoholism Application May Help to Stay Sober


Alcoholism is considered to be a serious illness for those who struggle with attempts to overcome the potentially harmful addiction. Not only are the physical implications as a result of alcoholism just as intense as the enduring of the illness itself, there are many people with this illness that might fear total recovery appears to be nearly impossible. An individual who has grown dependent on alcoholic beverages over a period of time may have the hardest time trying to break the addiction as a coping mechanism during times of strenuous pressure during life’s unprecedented moments. These moments can include the passing of a close friend or relative, the pressures of unavoidable circumstances in the profession and/or personal life that may be unavoidable, and the coping with changes throughout the milestones of life in general. Developing an ideal plan to help motivate as well as encourage the patient recovering from alcoholism seems to be the ultimate goal for all treatment centers.

For some, repeated attempts to recover from alcoholism after being discharged from a treatment facility may have been more than just frustrating without using some form of an outside source for help to regain control. A professor at the University of Wisconsin, David Gustafson, conducted a study into the theory of how to develop a more productive application for smartphones with a better successful turnover rate for full recovery than most other applications already in circulation to help combat alcoholism. One of the best aspects of using this smartphone application (currently referred to as A-Chess) in order to help the patient completely recover from the addiction of alcoholism is the convenience of being easily accessible at any time. The main objective of A-CHESS is to help expedite the road to recovery as a method of assisting to eliminate the chances of the recovering patient from having a relapse.

A-CHESS, the abbreviation for Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System, is designed to meet the individual needs of those recovering from alcoholism that could make this smartphone application favorable for its worthwhile practicality for combating alcoholism. The application has a GPS feature installed that allows the program to monitor the patient’s whereabouts. Whenever the recovering patient is withing a certain proximity of a bar or anywhere that sells alcoholic beverages where the patient may be susceptible to slip into temptation, an alarm will sound. After the alarm is activated, this sends a signal to the team of supporters helping the patient to avoid relapsing back into alcoholism by offering motivational and encouraging reinforcement. Another tremendously beneficial feature of this application is the ‘panic button’ feature that allows the user to press whenever the patient begins to feel the fight against alcoholism appears to be futile.

From receiving daily messages of reassurance to having access to a host of contact numbers for network supporters, the A-Chess seems to have been quite successful in helping the participators recover from alcoholism during its trial run. Although the finalized development of this application is still underway, with enough ongoing support, the battle to stay sober after recovering from being treated for alcoholism appears to be no longer as nearly impossible as it may have once seemed.

By Stephanie Tapley

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