Meat the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Diet

Meat, Duck DynastyThe diet of the American public consists of many processed foods containing preservatives and many things that the common person cannot even pronounce. It is true that the meat the Duck Dynasty family includes in their regular diet may not be for everyone, however some of the dishes are more traditional and could be a healthy alternative. Maybe taking a few pointers from the Robertson’s clan is not such a far fetched idea. Their idea of fresh food can only be understood by those that are avid hunters and have freezers stocked from the hunt and not from the frozen section of the grocery store. Even fresh meat from the grocery store is a favorable alternative to the highly processed precooked meals that grace tables across America each night.

The Robertson’s menu on any given night can be a bit out there, unless you are into squirrel, but in general protein rich meats cooked the old fashioned way and pared with fresh fruits and vegetables could be a way of life that many families should get behind. Wild game such as duck, frogs legs and craw fish can certainly be nutritious and delicious when cooked properly. Dr. Oz agree’s that these types of proteins can be leaner and healthier than their store bought counter parts, as he stated when the Robertson clan was on his show. The Duck Dynasty diet of meat, poultry and fish caught fresh from on their own land is certainly not something that everyone can do, but buying and preparing fresh foods is definitely something that is a much healthier alternative than the fast food that seems to be in so many American’s diets due to the fast paced world we live in. Less preservatives and additives and more sit down dinners with the family might just end up coming back in style.

Everyone may not be fans of the Duck Dynasty crew, but their diet of meat consisting of wild game, and their belief in  real old fashioned sit down dinners with the whole family, are values that many homes have forgotten about in this high tech, fast paced world. Maybe it is time to slow down and take stock in those things that are valuable and as a bonus improve our health. Its time to take the kitchen back and use it as it was intended to be used, to cook, not just to heat things up. See how delicious a fresh home cooked meal can be, and just smelling the aroma’s will bring the family running. Some of us may need to learn how to turn fresh meat and poultry into easy, quick and nutritious meals that the whole family will want to sit down to eat. Take your cue from Miss Kay’s Cookbook which includes biscuits, and pies along with the less traditional meat dishes like squirrel. Going the more traditional route could lead to recipes found in wild game cookbooks, or simply cook fresh with any one of hundreds of books found at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

By Kristi Cereska

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