Alyssa Milano Shares ‘Charmed’ Surprise

Alyssa MilanoFormer Charmed star Alyssa Milano has shared her surprise. She is expecting her second child with toy-boy husband David Bugliari, and it has been something they have wanted for some time.

The 41-year-old stated on February 3 that they were actively trying for a second child. They had their son, Milo, two years ago and believed that this was the right age gap for another child. The Mistresses actress explained that it was very organic with “natural moments,” and joked that her husband was drinking plenty of ginseng to make sure they would succeed.

Milano is known for a number of TV shows, including Charmed. She played the baby sister, Phoebe, who found the chest in the attic that was the hidden home of the Book of Shadows. After saying the first spell, she and her three sisters became the most powerful sister witches in the magical world. The show ran for eight seasons before finally coming to an end, but it was not the end of the actress’ career. She went onto having smaller roles and shows that did not quite do as well as expected until landing Mistresses, which has been renewed for a second season.

Milano shared her Charmed surprise on her own website, stating that her son was looking forward to becoming a big brother. That was all the details that could be shared at the time, and the rest of the post simply states that baby shower details and ways for fans to send virtual gifts will be shared at a later date.

While a due date has not been given, it is likely that the star is now in her second trimester. A source close to the actress told Us Weekly that she wanted to wait until then to tell people, but she is showing and was really looking forward to sharing this news. She is also very excited to be expecting her second baby, and the source stated that she feels extremely lucky.

Fans will want to know how the star plans to stay in shape. She was recently attacked by Jay Mohr about her weight gain after her first pregnancy, but was able to remain fit during the pregnancy through prenatal yoga. Now that she is back in shape, there are high chances that she will do the same thing.

However, she believes in having time for just herself and her husband, and also focuses on not being the “perfect mom.” She is only human and believes that too many women put the pressure on themselves to be perfect at being a mom, and then get stressed when they make mistakes.

The soon-to-be second time mom has already started shopping for baby items. As she does not know the gender yet, all the purchases have been gender neutral, but she is scouring the internet for decoration ideas for the nursery. There is no news yet as to whether she will be finding out the gender before the birth or not, but it is definitely an exciting surprise for Charmed’s Milano.

By Alexandria Ingham


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