American Idol Top Nine Finalists Perform (Review & Videos)

American Idol Top Nine Finalists Perform (Review & Videos)

On American Idol tonight, the Top Nine competitors left this season will be performing, singing their hearts out, trying to make it to the very end and win the big recording contract and be declared the next American Idol! MK Nobilette was voted off last week — who will be voted off this week? There can be only one winner, though, and the stakes are high — America, your votes will determine who will be moving on, and who will be sent home — vote often, but choose wisely!

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, said that “the race to the Finale is on!”

Ryan said that the theme this week is “I’m with the Band.” He then introduced the three judges, Keith Urban, harry Connick, Jr., and Jennifer Lopez.

Tonight, American Idol‘s band will be on the stage, backing up each performer. Then, Ryan showed us how the competitors got prepared for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Meet and Greet with Fall Out Boy members. The competitors got to have a Q&A session with them, and learn some of their tips and secrets. Then, the competitors even got to go onstage with Fall Out boy, and sing with them!

Alex Preston began singing “Clocks,” then Majesty York and Sam Woolf joined him. Dexter performed a rousing rendition of “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones with Jessica Meuse. Then, Caleb and Malaya rocked the place out with their rendition of “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up).” All of the performers ended singing this song, and jammin’ out together.

Ryan said that Alex Preston will be singing a No Doubt song on American Idol after the next commercial break.

Ryan said that the remaining competitors will take on songs “by Rock Royalty,” tonight. We got to see Alex featured, and Randy commenting. He will be singing “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt.

He played his guitar as he sang. He did an AWESOME acoustic version of this Gwen Stefani gem! The audience clapped along as he sang. Alex has a great voice, and it was well-suited to this version of the song. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Keith: “You’re so consistent. No matter what song you do, it’s you. I’d like to have you show a little bit of edge in your vocal delivery, though.”

J-Lo: “I just can’t help but think of Gwen Stefani as I hear this song. To me, it kind of sucked the energy out of the song, because it wasn’t as energetic.”

Harry: “You’re designing your life right now. You have your feet very firmly planted in this competition. I’d like to see you physically move around the stage and engage the audience a little bit more.”

Harry asked Ryan if there “was any chance we could see one of your ankles?” Ryan took off his shoes and socks, and flashed off his ankles. He then said that Majesty York will be performing next of American Idol, and the show went to another break.

Back from the break, Ryan showed us a feature about Majesty Rose York. She’s easily one of the better singers left. The song she chose to sing was “Shake It Out” by Florence + The Machine. Majesty’s voice soared as she sang — she showed off her pipes and vocal range, infusing the audience with the electricity she was generating. Keith and J-Lo clapped; Harry did not join them.

J-Lo: “That’s the Majesty that I love. Performance-wise, that was a 10. It felt so good.”

Harry: “You’re so talented. From the first day, I remembered you. You’re so close to connecting with the audience. You’re so different every week. You’re a fantastic singer, I liked your performance. you’re so close to owning the stage. I’m really proud of you.”

Keith: “What you have to learn to do is be centered, be grounded. you could stand right there and bring us to you. I know you can do that.”

Dexter will be performing next on American Idol, according to Ryan — after yet more commercials. He says that back home, he also feels he has to be doing something, either working out in the fields, or when it comes to music, learning new songs. Ryan said he’ll be sing “Boondocks” by Little Big Town.

Dexter had the audience clapping along as he sang and played his guitar. It might have been his most energetic performance I’ve seen yet — he NAILED this song, and sang the BEJESUS out of it!

Harry: “I was watching the footage of you fixing the tractor, and it reminded me how much I hated doing that when my father made me do it. You risk sounding too generic.”

Keith gave Harry a HUGE grape Gummy Bear to chew, to try to chill him out, maybe. He said that if Dexter had sung that song before Little Big Town, it will still have been a hit on the radio.”

J-Lo: “You can do something else, try a different style, but I thought you did a great job.”Ryan then showed an Instant Replay of Harry biting an ear off of the giant purple Gummy Bear.

Next, Malaya will perform, according to Ryan. She will be singing the classic “The Long And Winding Road” by The Beatles.

First, Ryan showed a feature of Malaya, 16, at her high school. She sang a Chaka Khan song for a high school show once. She said taht she’s “still the same old Malaya.”

I LOVE this song! Malaya did a slow version of it, giving it a dreamy quality. She didn’t try to duplicate the original — nobody could do that — but, she did her own version, and did a great job making it her own.

Keith: “Oh, Malaya — that was beautiful, baby! When you hit the word ‘door,’ your personality and spirit showed through.”

J-Lo: “You stole the opening number. Your voice really stands out above everyone else. It sounded like the sweetness of a young Michael Jackson.”

Harry: “I give you the award for the “Most Consistently Improving. Work” on your craft; forget stardom. You can become something great — all of that will happen. But, work on your craft.”

Ryan: “You know, when you find something you love, it’s not work. And, you found something that you love.” Ryan said that Sam Woolf will be performing “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s next on American Idol, right after another commercial break.

Sm Woolf did TERRIFIC with this song; the women in the audience cheer and screamed right from the start of the song, and then the entire audience clapped along as he sang and played his guitar. The stage was lit up as if by candles, though of course, they were just lights — it looked pretty cool, though.

J-Lo was dancing in her seat, clearly loving the performance. Sam got a standing ovation.

J-Lo: “That’s exactly the type of music you should be singing. Did you have someone in mind as you were singing? It would make it seem more real, and take it to another level.”

Harry: “Was that your idea to do the stripped-down version? That was great! This is probably the most comfortable I’ve seen you performing. Sometimes, I’d like to see you close your eyes and go into the song.”

Keith: “Sam, I really like the tone of your voice. That song has such a specific melody. You can soften the edges of each note, and be looser. Just loosen the edges up a little bit.”

Ryan: “So, we never got an answer to the question J-Lo asked. Is there someone in your life, a Delilah?”

Sam: “It — was my Grandma.”

Ryan: “Well said.” Then, American Idol went to another commercial break.

Next, Jessica Meuse will be singing one of my favorite songs of all time, “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. If she can nail it, she’s guaranteed to make it to next week, no problem whatsoever. I hope she does well with it….

Ryan showed us a feature of Jessica Meuse’s background. She can play several instruments, including the violin. She now feels like she has such a “team” supporting her; she would like to keep it that way.

GOD, I LOVE this song — Jessica invoked her Inner Stevie Nicks, and she did as I hoped, NAILED this song! The audience clapped along as she sang. Great Job, Jessica!

Harry: “You must get annoyed by the Stevie Nicks comparison, This may be, for me, the favorite performance I’ve seen from you. I’m proud of you; nice job”

Keith: “You look great; how often do you perform without an instrument? You have to work at being as comfortable without your instrument as you are with it. “

J-Lo: “I think what Harry was referring to is your confidence is growing. Stevie Nicks is such a big personality on stage. The voice is beautiful — but, now you just have to do something to draw us in a bit more.”

Coming up next, C.J. Harris will be performing, on American Idol, according to Ryan Seacrest.

We got to see a feature on C.J., and he said that he gave guitar lessons, performed on the side of streets and at weddings, etc. He was “having the time of his life.” The song he sang was “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” by The SteelDriver. I thought he did great, but the judges weren’t as convinced.

Keith: “That was a clever song choice.”

Harry again mentioned that he knew C.J. had “ears,” and that he could sing the song in tune, and said he wouldn’t be criticizing if he didn’t think that C.J. could be a contender.

Caleb Johnson will be singing “Dazed & Confused” by Jake Holmes/Led Zeppelin next — it could be the best performance of the night on American Idol, if he pulls it off.

He told Randy that Led Zepplin had “such a haunting sound.”

I wasn’t sure if Caleb could hit the high notes demanded from this song — but, he did a great job — I was impressed! J-Lo was getting into it, dancing in her chair. Caleb was AMAZING! He didn’t get quite as high, but he came pretty close! It was a KILLER performance! The entire audience and all of the judges got to their feet and applauded him!

J-Lo: “It was — here’s something I’ve never seen from you before– the entire performance wa SEXY! You HAD that! And let me give it up for Ricky Minor! Caleb, you were the front man all the way — it was CRAZY!”

Harry: your’re so lucky to have such great musicians! It was amazing! I just don’t know how you could have done that song any better. It’s tough to follow that — the other competitors will have a really hard time trying to follow that.”

Keith: “You were the frontman. Your whole performance came at me like an airbag in slow motion.”

Ryan: “I really think you owned the stage.”

Jena Irene will be the final performer on American Idol tonight.

Ryan had all of the performers up onstage with him, and introduced Jena, and the feature about her. She says she’s been learning every single day while she’s been out in Hollywood. She will be singing “Bring Me to Life,” by Evanescence & Paul McCoy.

And, Jena showed she definitely has a lot of Rock in her, as well! She gave a pretty AMAZING performance of her own, and her voice hit the rafters. J-Lo was shaking her head; I don’t know if that meant she didn’t like the song, or that she was getting into it. Jena ended the song very powerfully, and the audience go to their feet and erupted in applause.

Harry: I said it was hard to follow Caleb’s performance, but, you just followed it. It was a really, really strong performance.”

Keith: “You just deliver.”

J-Lo: “You sounded phenomenal. I just wanted you to be more messy, to throw yourself into the song even more. That’s what you need to do when you sing a song like that. Great job!”

Ryan: “Where you worried about coming on after Caleb?”

Jena: “I was crapping my pants!”

Rayn called all of the performers back onto the stage again, and asked America to vote for the competitors that were their favorites.

Who will stay, and who will be the competitor to go tomorrow, on the next American Idol Results show? I’ll say just that the performers who definitely impressed me the most, like Caleb, Jena, Jessica, Malaya, Majesty, Dexter, and Alex OUGHT to stay, but it’s up to the votes of you, America!

Of course, someone will receive the lowest amount of votes, and will be leaving tomorrow night, unless the judges use their one “Save,” on the person — I really liked how C.J. and Sam sang, as well, but they all sang so well, it was difficult to choose.

However, the three stand-out performances, to me, were Jessica’s version of “Rhiannon,” Caleb’s AWESOME wailing on “Dazed & Confused,” and Jena’s STELLAR performance of “Bring Me to Life.” If any of these are int he Bottom Three tomorrow night, I will be very surprised, indeed. Please watch tomorrow night’s American Idol and then come back to read my Recap/Review of it, and leave your comments on who you think gave the best performances below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Douglas Cobb   March 27, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Sondi, I didn’t remove the video, though the message said that the “user” removed it. Someone else must have done it — anyway, I have now replaced it. Alex is a very good singer — just letting you and everyone else know I am not the person who removed it.

  2. zsuzsbah   March 27, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Am I the only one who heard J-Lo refer to Stevie Nicks in the past tense?? ( “had” a great voice, “was” a big personality – or something along those lines. ) I heard her do this twice- funny since Stevie Nicks is alive at 64 and beautiful as ever and Fleetwood Mac is reuniting for a tour !

  3. Sondi B   March 27, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    why did you remove only the Preston video…seems wrong when he’s great and I wanted to compare

  4. Tony 7419   March 27, 2014 at 8:03 am

    American Idol is boring. Talent isn’t as strong this year. Format is boring even with better judges (Keith & Harry).

    Jennifer Lopez bobbing her head all the time is just ridiculous.
    JLo can dance but she cannot sing worth a darn.

    The Voice is a much better format, more enjoyable show to watch, and the talent is much better.

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