Amputation Wish of Boy to Be Granted

AmputationEleven-year-old Amit Vigoda will be granted his wish to have his leg amputated. Because of a rare congenital condition, the young boy has requested to have his leg amputation. On April 10, Vigoda will have the surgery.

Vigoda’s rare orthopedic condition  affects his right leg, and leaves him in constant pain. The leg fractures easily, so he is unable to walk without crutches. He can only use crutches, hop or crawl. The pain in his leg wakes him during the night, his mother reported. She says he wakes up screaming in pain and yelling that he wants the pain to stop.

Doctors discovered Vigoda’s condition when he was born with a broken leg. He has been subjected to many surgeries which have been unsuccessful. Doctors have tried multiple time to repair the leg, including insertion of a rod, nuts and bolts.

When Vigoda was born, doctors gave his mother, Zimra, three choices: let the leg heal on its own, begin surgeries in an attempt to fix the leg, or amputate the leg. Zimra said she was not ready to consider amputation, and so the young boy ended up undergoing multiple operations.

When Vigoda was seven years old, doctors recommended amputating his leg. Zimra said she still was not ready at that time, but admits that he is ready for his leg amputation wish to be granted before she is. The mother said she and his father both support their son, but adds, “We’ll never know if it is the right thing.”

Vigoda’s scheduled amputation will take place April 10 at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Sacramento. Six weeks after the surgery, he will be fitted for a prosthetic leg. Three months after, he will be given the chance to do things he has never done before, like running and jumping.

The boy says he is a little afraid of the surgery but notes that it is just like any other surgery he has been through, “except it will change my life.” He further said the surgery means he will no longer be in pain, and that he will be able to play soccer, something he is looking forward to.

Vigoda has never been allowed to jump or participate in any contact sports because there was always the worry that his fragile leg would break. Zimra says, “He is going to have a life with no limits.” She also discussed how she has internalized a sense of empowerment in her own life, and hopes this has affected her son. Vigoda said that being able to have an active life is more important than healing. Zimra adds, “My kid only has one childhood.”

A childhood is what Vigoda says will hopefully soon be his to experience to the fullest. After he heals from surgery and adjusts to his prosthetic leg, he will be able to do the types of things that were once forbidden to him. The amputation wish that will be granted for this 11-year-old boy will allow him to lead a more active life.

By Ashley Campbell


ABC News

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