Angus T. Jones Admits He Became a Hypocrite on Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones, the ex Two and a Half Men actor, admitted he became a “hypocrite” that was paid to a Houston TV station, KHOU, regarding the CBS TV show. This is the second time that Jones has publicly come forward about the show, mentioning that he continued acting on the series although it went against his Christian values.

Jones, who performed as Jake Harper on the CBS comedy, said that the sitcom was joking about topics that are actually issues for many people. Jones stated that he was a hypocrite because he continued to support the sitcom even though the storyline and scripts from each episode bothered him morally.

Now age 20 and attending college in Colorado, Jones mentioned that he might consider pursuing other acting opportunities if the jobs were consistent with his spiritual views. He stated that there are productions that film stories based on the Bible that he would consider participating in.

The actor was let go from the sitcom last year shortly after making controversial statements on YouTube in 2012 encouraging people not to view the show, stating it was “filthy.” He continued by stating that he could not be an authentic God-fearing person and stay on the show. The video was posted by an Alabama Church website titled Forerunner Chronicles. Soon after, Jones apologized to his colleagues for any disrespect he may have caused and said that he appreciated the opportunity he was given.

Since his departure from Two and a Half Men, The Seventh Day Adventist has been speaking at churches and ministries nationwide about his experiences and why he had to leave the sitcom. Angus T. Jones admitted he became a “hypocrite” that got paid on Two and a Half Men, and says he is happier now that he has found God.

Two in a Half Men Creator Chuck Lorre was reportedly irate over Jones’ betrayal, which came shortly after co-star Charlie Sheen left the show. Jones has completely changed his “pretty boy” appearance and now sports a long scruffy beard and shoulder-length hair making him almost unrecognizable from his TV persona. Jones did admit that he regrets the hostile split that he had with Lorre, but does not take back what he said. The actor said that he stands by his Christian faith and that the show was in direct opposition to his moral values.

Jones was in Houston at the World Harvest Outreach Church to discuss how he found God and how his life has changed since he left Two and a Half Men. In addition to attending college in Colorado, Jones has donated his time to a church in Austin, Texas, where he is originally from. The believer stated that he wanted to “come into the light” because that is where healing can be found and that he has witnessed God doing some incredible things.

Angus T. Jones does not seem fazed one bit about having to leave the show. It seems that admitting Angus T. Jones became a hypocrite while on Two and a Half Men, has lightened the sinful load that was carried on his shoulders for far too long.

Opinion By Amy Nelson


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  1. Walden   March 19, 2014 at 10:41 am

    The main problem with religions is that they kill people’s sense of humor, unfortunately.

    Anyway, I suppose this guy left the show after performing 7 or 8 years on in, probably because in the meantime he has piled up enough money to be able to afford his long-overdue sense of morality.

    If he really has such strong feel of guilt for having acted some many year in this “filthy show”, why does it not redeem himself by donating his income to the poor?


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