Animals Behind Closed Doors in America [Video]


Behind closed doors, there are animals in America that are being mutilated, forcefully diseased, genetically manipulated and tested on despite their pain and the pure cruelty that goes against true humanity. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) strongly oppose laboratory testing of animals because of the unnatural and prolonged pain these creatures must endure for no fault of their own.

Though PETA gets heavy criticism for their “up close and personal” tactics, the organization strives to provide the truth, free of charge, and at the risk of their own personal safety. If there is a video clip from PETA that is believed to have been made for “shock value,” that is the truth. It is very shocking what animals must endure at man’s mercy.

Bible advocates and humanitarians alike can definitely agree that animals must be protected by man and not abused or mistreated. It is likely that most testing is conducted for the purpose of corporate revenue. This is typically the case because in the scientific and academia world there is something called ethics, which is enforced through panels and review boards. Though ethical guidance is sometimes overlooked for the “greater good of mankind,” the majority of animal testing is not necessary for anyone’s survival.

For those without the empathetic portion of the brain registering, imagine being a prisoner. As this prisoner, one must live day after day at the mercy of another species, with who one cannot communicate. The lights might stay on, preventing adequate sleep; perhaps the lights are turned off on occasion, but the prisoner has no idea when. Post traumatic stress is a diagnosis all animals are subject to; the fear at the sight of the large, dangerous animal causes a fight or flight response, so erratic, the prisoner must be sedated to maintain sanity.

The pain, above all, is the worst because it is not usually treated. Open wounds, sores, and scabbing can easily become infected, and the prisoner knows that once it gets bad enough, he or she will be killed and taken out with the garbage.

Some experiments are allowed by United States (US) law. Animals in America can be burned, shocked, isolated, poisoned, drowned, starved, be forced into drug addiction, and be forced to endure brain damage (and any other bodily injury), for the sake of medicine, or just curiosity, all behind closed doors. Perhaps it would not be allowed if people could actually see what was happening.

Blinded RabbitKittens and rabbits have been purposefully blinded on hidden camera, thanks to volunteered, undercover PETA activists. Nothing on the documentary is fabricated.

It is obvious that no animal is safe from experimentation. Though the specie may differ among subjects, they all scream until they are unconscious, sedated, or dead. Pain medication is rarely administered for lack of caring, nothing more. There was once a young girl who said, in response to a discussion of barbaric methods in cattle slaughter, “Well, do you know how much a bullet would cost if they had to buy one for every cow?” It would seem that a bullet would be much more humane than dangling the cows side by side from their locked feet as their throats are slashed—draining them of all blood and life as their family members scream in horror. It is a silly question because companies in the meat industry can definitely afford one bullet per cow. So, not only are animals’ lives taken from them arbitrarily, their minds must also be subject to torture.

It would likely take decades, if ever, for Americans to change their ways. People could cut down on various products that were involved in lab testing practices. People can also stop buying leather, fur, and meat, and this could eventually prevent needless deaths and prolonged torture of animals. If even a person is unwilling to stop eating meat all together, they could cut down a day or two of the week, and if everyone did this, there will be less bloodshed. The animals in cages, behind closed doors, truly need help from the American people. Individuals, who care, hurt every day for the animals man fails to protect, and that in itself is cruel enough.

Silent Scream by PETA

Opinion By Lindsey Alexander



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