‘Annie’ Remake Trailer Released

AnnieThe popular 1980s movie Annie is getting a modern-day remake, and the new trailer has been released. It shows hit songs like It’s a Hard Knock Life and Tomorrow will still appear in the movie, and the storyline will remain relatively unchanged. However, the character Daddy Warbucks, originally played by Albert Finney, will be changed to Benjamin Stacks and played by Jamie Foxx.

The Daddy Warbucks character is also getting a change in storyline. Foxx’s character is running for Mayor of New York and needs a foster child to show his compassion. Eleven-year-old Annie is the chosen one, who falls in love with the billionaire’s home. Stacks realizes that the young orphan is more than just a pawn and wants to adopt her, but her “real parents” come into the picture.

One of the most surprising cast choices is Cameron Diaz, who will play the manipulative and somewhat evil Miss Hannigan. Some of the lines in the trailer from the actress include mentions of George Clooney and the ever-popular social networking website Facebook. She also questions when New York became “so musical.”

It may not be surprising to hear that Will Smith and Jay Z have both had parts in the production of the movie. The music has had a revamp to make sure it appeals to the younger audiences, which is clearly evident in the short trailer of the Annie remake released today.

This will be the first musical and third feature film for 10-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis, who plays the title character. The actress has already proven she is great on film after her performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild, for which she was nominated for an Oscar. She keeps the streetwise personality, but with a modern-day twist. Instead of the Gingham dress and red cardigan, she sports jeans and a T-shirt with a backpack for all her belongings. For those who love Sandy the dog, he still appears but is a different breed this time around.

The trailer has not made it clear just how close Annie is to the rest of her foster sisters. In the original stage show and its movie adaptation, the 11-year-old foster child was like a big sister to the younger ones. She would look out for them and take them under her wing as much as possible.

Whether the show will keep all the songs is also unclear. The trailer only indicated to two of the biggest hits from the musical being kept. However, there is Little Girls, which is Miss Hannigan’s song. Nobody knows whether it is something Diaz will be able to pull off. For any of the Warbucks’ songs, Foxx should not have an issue. He is a Grammy Award winner and has proven his ability to sing on-screen after his appearance in Dreamgirls.

The movie is going to be released just in time for Christmas, and has somewhat of a Christmas setting based on views of the trailer. The trailer released is just the first look into the modern-day version of the Annie remake, but there is still plenty more coming.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Hollywood Reporter


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