Prince Rocks Arsenio Hall Show (Video)

PrincePrince rocked The Arsenio Hall Show last night, debuting his new single FUNKNROLL . The elusive star appeared before a crowd largely clad in purple and a crowd glad they came, as he opened up about his life on the topics of omelettes, strangers touching his hair and his low album output. Prince, who last appeared on the show in 1993, had threatened to take over the show in the hype leading up to it. The singer kept his word. He was the only guest on the one hour long show, and performed, along with his latest single, two other songs, She’s Always in My Hair and Mutiny.

Prince not only rocked The Arsenio Hall Show by lighting up the stage with his unique style, the artist, who once changed his name to a symbol, he also lit up the room with his charm, treating both Hall and the audience to a light, humorous side of himself. The highlight of the show came when, answering a question from an audience member about what his pet peeves were, the star paused, then revealed it was strangers touching his hair. Showcasing the comic timing that recently earned him critical acclaim for his cameo on New Girl, the star’s reply had Hall and the audience clapping their hands and laughing. The Star then gestured someone’s hands playing with his hair and then a little punch. Hall then asked Prince when was the last time he got angry. The star replied it was at a recent Oscar party when people, mostly men, he joked, kept bumping into him.

Another question from the audience was what household chores he did that fans might find surprising. Prince’s announcement that he could cook had fans hollering and applauding. The singer went on to say that he could only cook one thing however: omelettes. A dish clearly popular with the audience, too, who once more greeted the news with enthusiasm. The star rewarded them for their interest by going on to joke that all his friends had high cholesterol.

On a more serious topic, his musical output, the star said that he was more of an album man in a singles focused  industry. The star told how making an album meant you had to wait until you had all the songs you wanted to accompany the ones you liked. The star, who broke away from the music industry when he went solo without a studio behind him and released his own material on his website for fans to download, added that without any contract, there was no hurry to get an album out there.

When he was not tickling the audience purple, Prince rocked The Arsenio Hall Show with guitar solos and three performances, joined by his band The New Power Generation and an 11 piece horn section. The takeover complete, Prince ended the show to more rapturous applause from an audience of fans no doubt pleased at the star’s more regular recent public outings and excited to be up close and personal with the formerly very private superstar.

Commentary by Christian Deverille


The Hollywood Reporter

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