Apple CEO Calls ‘Haunted Empire’ Book Nonsense


A new book about Apple titled Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs has been called “nonsense” by the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. The book, which hit the shelves today, has been authored by Yukari Iwatani Kane, a former reporter with the Wall Street Journal, and deals with the changes in Apple since Cook took over as the CEO after co-founder Steve Jobs’ demise.

In an email exchange with Becky Quick, a CNBC reporter, Cook said the book had failed “to capture Apple, Steve, or anyone else in the company.” He said the firm’s strength of 85,000 employees do their best daily “to create the world’s best products.” Based on these facts of the company, the CEO of Apple called the book titled Haunted Empire “nonsense.”

Referring to the doubts Kane has cast of the future of the company in her book, Cook said that he was confident of the future and with every “doubter in our history,” it made the firm “stronger.”

Following the story on CNBC’s Closing Bell, Twitter took to criticize Cook for being so vocal. @markgurman said that “Steve Jobs would have never responded to a book about Apple.” He was also quick to share the news on his twitter page voicing shock over the CEO’s statement. Another twitter user @GabbyBernstein was philosophical and said, “If you want to feel supported, you must support yourself.”

Twitter user @SAI wrote in all capital letters: “Wow. Tim Cook responds to the new book that bashes him and Apple.” Amir Efrati tweeted a sarcastic, “Congrats to @tim_cook for juicing sales of @yukarikane’s new book about Apple w/his @CNBC comments about it today. Can’t wait to read.”

Nevertheless, Cook found some support in Sam Hutchings, who tweets by ‏@Smutchings, and was the only one on Cook’s page to defend his actions. He said, “each new thing @tim_cook says, I believe more and more that he is the right guy to be leading Apple.”

The news also spread quickly over the internet and other social media, with many sharing the news of Cook calling the book Haunted Empire “nonsense” on their main home pages.

Though Cook’s step to issue a statement is considered unusual by many, he was not alone in criticizing the book and reviewers around the web have expressed negative opinion on the book’s contents.

The book calls Cook “a traditional delegator whereas Jobs was a creative micromanager.” It also said that following Jobs death, the firm has become more traditional, which will lead to its failure.

Kane said that there is no doubt that Apple is a “successful company” in terms of profits and revenues, but “Apple’s own definition of success is much more.” She said the firm promises to be “exceptional” always and claims that it makes “products that can change the world.” According to Kane, this promise and claim of the company is futile without the guidance of Jobs and without him, “Apple is simply less convincing.”

The book, Haunted Empire, which Apple’s CEO, Cook, termed as “nonsense,” has come at a time when Apple fans are still waiting for the first major product release of 2014. Earlier today, Apple released a new eight GB iPhone 5c to offer a cheaper option compatible with LTE networks. The firm also brought back the 16 GB fourth-generation iPad as a low-end model to replace the iPad 2.

By Faryal Najeeb

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2 Responses to "Apple CEO Calls ‘Haunted Empire’ Book Nonsense"

  1. Fayez Najeeb   March 19, 2014 at 9:49 am

    So the book got free publicty and hype before launch. Only time will show where Apple would lead.

  2. Stephen H   March 19, 2014 at 5:24 am

    All sounds right to me. Apple is quickly becoming a has been and hasn’t made any real big changes in years. In fact they simply appear to be playing catch-up with Android.


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