Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch Rumors: Are They True?

 Apple iPhone 6 iWatch Rumors

As Apple fanatics anxiously await the launch of the iPhone 6, the media is bombarding them with rumors of what to expect with the launch of their highly anticipated new and latest models. Along with the rumors of the iPhone 6 are more rumors of the fabled iWatch that has been talked about in media for quite some time. Some new reports may squash some of these rumors leaving the fanatics wondering which rumors are true and which rumors are not.

Probably one the biggest Apple rumors of the last year has always included mention of the iWatch. However, Mike Oertli from OpTech does not agree with the majority of rumors that Apple will ever launch the iWatch. As a matter of fact Oertli does not think the iWatch is real nor will it ever exist. Oertli is basing his guess on the history of Apple not releasing products until the technology is fully ready. In order for Apple to be planning the development of the iWatch, battery and component sizes would need to be much smaller than they are now.

Oertli also thinks that Apple would be aiming for more of a high-class design that would push the cost of the iWatch to over $1000 while a premium smart phone will set a consumer back around $600. With a price difference of $400 or more it is very unlikely that Apple will launch a product in an unproven market before technology exists to bring all components together and still be able to meet the smart phone price sweet spot.

Oertli also has a problem with the buyer. The consumer’s that purchase premium watches are looking to make a fashion statement, while the consumers that actually would purchase an iWatch are looking for more function opposed to the design. Apple’s former philosophy is one design for the masses and the iWatch does not fit this model.

Craig Hockenbury at Furbo also agrees with Oertli.

“It’s my view that the technology needed to make that great product that does everything just isn’t there yet,” says Hockenbury, according to BGR. “There are too many compromises.”

Along with Apple’s iWatch rumors being doubted by experts, some rumors about the iPhone 6 seem to be getting backing by some other reports from industry experts. Again this leaves Apple fanatics wondering exactly which rumors are true.

AppleInsider reports seem to back the rumors that Apple will not include a higher pixel camera in the iPhone 6. However, it seems like the rumors are saying that Apple will improve the camera’s software instead. The report uses the iPhone 5s as an example. What Apple was able to do is to enlarge each pixel to 1.5 microns which is an increase of .01. Apple also increased the light sensing ability of the phone by 33 percent.

The report states that instead of Apple competing with the competitions 13MP+ cameras, Apple’s approach may be much more subtle and involve improved lens-groups, optics, and low light performance of the light sensors. The combination of the improvements will provide the end-user which much higher picture quality without increasing the megapixel capabilities.

In the end, users are still left guessing which Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch rumors are true. Only time will tell which rumors are right and which are wrong. Once Apple launches their new products this year, consumers will have a whole new set of rumors to wade through and decide which are right and which are wrong.

By Brent Matsalla


3 Responses to "Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch Rumors: Are They True?"

  1. Alicia   October 12, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    “PudN Face” coming soon to iWATCH faces near you

  2. lee   October 12, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    That’s what he/she said……now go jump off that bridge wearing the iPhone watch………

  3. Paul   March 27, 2014 at 6:59 am

    Yes it’s true
    Company A sees product Y will make them a $#%rap load of money
    Do you think they will produce it? hello!!

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